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The Music Round

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Some Pub Quiz(es) have an encapsulated music round, where the first few bars of a reasonably popular song are played to the audience, and individuals are given the chance to 'Guess' the title and performer of the song.

How to win:
It's best to know the name of the songs being played to you. Buy compilation CD's of 'Best Ever' genres in order to facilitate a good working knowledge of the popular song. Often, 'cover version' compilations may be purchased in shopping malls (often beside detergent) at low, low prices. With the invaluable tools of the cheap compilation CD's, success in the music round is almost guaranteed.

The Music Round

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Good Angel - recently become obsessed to the point of psychosis with the film 'Bio-Dome'

The only problem being if the Pub Quizzes are anything like ours then the ony compilation CDs they own are Hard House Nation and Kiss Anthems 2000, therefore the intro to every single track is exactly the same and trying to get more than about two points (gained by making wild stabs at possible recent 'bangin' tunes) is futile. And you don't get as much respect either if you know the answer, cos if you do genuinely know the song, then you definitely didn't hear it in a club cos they mix over the intro.
Sorry, that was a bit of a long rant. But the QuizMasters know who they are...

The Music Round

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2SHY ("The most fun you can have without laughing")

my pub quiz team's best method to winning is having a copy of the Guiness Book of British Hit singles in the car just in case. This is rarely required, however, as our team involves a math/computer genius, an english lit schollar, me with my vast knowlage of music and film, one of my old high school teachers who not only had a huge knowlage of the most strange and unknowen bands of the 1970's and 1980, but he also teacher Religios Education, History and Politics...sorted..

The Music Round

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sounds a clever team,you should apply to take on the pompous eggheads.

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