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If you don't know, make a joke.

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I'm afraid I have to disagree with the part about not answering the questions that you don't know.

Firstly, I've never been to a pub quiz with a negative marking scheme so a wild guess is always better than nothing.

Secondly if you really can't guess then try to make up a witty answer. If it is any good then it might even be read out while the answers are being marked. That way you can give everyone in the pub a good laugh and you never know, you might even get bonus marks smiley - smiley


If you don't know, make a joke.

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frozem genki

that depend, jay, you are half right about the topic, like you said
humor is the best medicine in the world, which eventually lead to society fauitly of being judge by the different classes in one's eyes regardless of whatever you're in a high class in society and still mantain that witty humour appetitize that apply to everyone hmmmmm YUMMY!

in a another way, humour is sperated by the individualist's area of expertise of knowledges and how much is the will-power resist to such jokes therefore he/she/it will laugh their heart out due to how much is expertise and resistant in that particular area of themselve know & hold and how experinces the quiz is done by the person in term of humor.

oi! wait a mintue ,lad, i just notice something
this is a Pub Quiz Tactics disccution O_O!......


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If you don't know, make a joke.

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