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Blatant cheating

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I don't know if anyone's already mentioned this, but some pubs have a tendency to place books in amongst the usual junk (er, I mean decorations) and whilst the Children's Encyclopaedia 1923 isn't the fount of all knowledge, I have known people to make use of them. Similarly many people consult their own diaries. You may say this is harmless when playing for fun and small prizes, but I wish to report a worrying new developement: Internet connections in pubs. Discuss.

Blatant cheating

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Dimitri Poophoopen

I am in the horse and hound in daresbury; it is the pop quiz.
Can you name the last million selling single of the 1980's ?
Preferably within the next fifteen minutes as we have to hand in our sheets for marking.

Blatant cheating

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Something by Madness? Oh wait, that post was fifteen *hours* ago.

Blatant cheating

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Nosebagbadger {Ace}

i feel that this shows that internet is not that helpful for cheating or, more likely, h2g2 researchers just arent very good at cheating.
And 15 hours is nothing im trying to ressurect a conversation after 9 years
smiley - cheers

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