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am i doing it right?

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i know this is self doubt but i have been attampting to meditate for a while now and most of the time i feel like i am just sitting/lying there not doing anything.

i read that it helps to consciously relax the body, a bit at a time, and then focus the mind by counting backwards from 20 and visualising the numbers in my head. this is supposed to concentrate the mind and stop all other thoughts that enter from distracting me.

i don't kinow if this is how you do it but could you give me a few pointers on technique and posture and whatever else is necessary?


am i doing it right?

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Meditation is all about just sitting. As you practice (no more than 20 minutes per session in the begining and work up to an hour or more gradually) you will discover that your mind becomes quieter over time. Eventually you will be able to quiet your mind as soon as you sit down. I have been practicing for 9 years and it took more than 1 year to learn to quiet my mind. Don't purposely think of something, that is counter-productive. Just allow the thougts to surface, acknowledge them and let them go.

am i doing it right?

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ok, thanks. hopefully i will pick it up.

am i doing it right?

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I forgot about posture (sorry). Your legs do not need to be in the lotus position, just crossed. Your back should be straight but natural, and your hands should be resting on your legs (palm down or up). As for breathing, in throught henose and out through the mouth paying attention to the little gap between the inhale and exhale. Your tongue should be resting on the roof of your mouth and your eyes gazing about 3 feet in front of you.

am i doing it right?

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Anothervthing that's helpful that I sometimes use to focus is to try and imagine this ball fo light focussing donw into nothing...with a little practice its like storing your thoughts away for a while and jsut letting your brain relax. (you'd be surprised how stressed the poor thing is, really)

am i doing it right?

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Leopardskinfynn... sexy mama

There are many different ways to meditate. When I first started trying to meditate many years ago, I got stuck on the 'right' way to do it, and failed miserably.

Some people get on fine with focusing on emptying their minds, some do better with focusing on a sound to the exclusion of all else, or focusing on a candle flame to the exclusion of all else, or just following the breath and counting the inhalations/exhalations (up to, say 10 or 20) and then starting again... to the exclusion of all else.

The main thing is that you find the method that works for you, and stick with it. Some days are easier than others, but the thing to remember is that there is only ever the eternal now.

I'd suggest reading around and trying different methods until you find one that resonates with you. Beware however of constantly flipping between methods, as only in the practice is meditation to be found.

I had a quick look on google, and found a couple of sites that may or may not be of interest.



http://www.mkzc.org/beginzen.html - Zen meditation

The most important thing that I was ever told is that there is no goal; there is nowhere to go. Just breathe and observe. Watch your thoughts come and watch them go again. With time the spaces between thoughts become longer and you can rest in the space in between.

Good luck!
smiley - zen

am i doing it right?

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Exactly. What I do (buddhist meditation) may not be the method for someone else. It all depends on how your mind reacts.

am i doing it right?

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There are many ways to meditate, that is true. I think that in my experience the simple techniques work the best. The "mindfulness of breathing" meditation is very effective at calming the mind down. I would recommend it to anyone. If you google it I am sure you can find some instructions on the net...... but the essence of it is to watch the breath and let all other thoughts fall away. With some effort and practice I think you will find that your mind will gradually calm down.

Watching the in-breath, and watching the out-breath, brings you to an awareness of your body and mind, and therefore into the present moment. This allows some stillness to arise within.

If you are serious about meditation, then I think that meditating regularly, ideally having contact with a group, and talking to people with experience in the practice, will be highly beneficial and will actually aid your practice tremendously.

am i doing it right?

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Hi Galigan, I think u should apply The simple Meditation position are easy - Shut your eyes and carefully move them upwards towards your “third eye”, the point simply between and over your eye-brows, Breathe deeply in by the nose and out by the mouth.You’ll observe that as you concentrate on your breathing, your mind chatter begins to reduce. For more information Please visit - meditation classes Melbourne

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am i doing it right?

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