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The Brian

I have noticed a very interesting hybrid of the spoon, it is knwn as the Spork. It has the handle of a spoon with a bowl as is normal on a spoon. The difference is that forklike tines or spikes were cut into the bowl of the spoon. This allows for it to be used like any other spoon, albeit with a bowl of slightly lesser capacity, this is balanced out by the new ability to stab objects like you would with a fork. I would like to see this wonderful piece of cutlerly to become a common sight on both dinnertables in homes as well as in dining facilities other than Taco Bell.

The Spork

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Also known as a "runcible" spoon as mentioned in "the owl and the pussycat".

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Two thirds correct. A spoon with tines is a spork. A spoon with tines and a knife-like cutting edge is a runcible spoon.

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Ah, that's what a runcible spoon is! I always wondered in a desultory sort of way (meaning I 'couldn't find the time' to look it up), and here it is, fallen into my lap.

I have a set of 'splades' (spoon-blades, I suppose) which are singularly misnamed, as the spoon part is too small to be of any use, the fork tines so blunt that they aren't of any use either, and there is no sharp edge.

I would be interested in having (or having a look at anyway) a spoon/ fork/knife which really worked, but so far without success - I even tried the Scout Association, and got some pitying looks, but no implement.

Anyone any thoughts? Someone must own such a thing. If so, what is it called? Where am I likely to get one (or a set)?

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The Spork

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Great Omnipotent Tigger

Cecil Adams at The Straight Dope wrote that the "runcible spoon" did not exist as a utensil until some inventor/wag of the 1920's seized upon the name for his newly-invented fork/spoon/knife combo, long after Lear had coined the phrase. : (See "What's a runcible spoon?" at http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a961108a.html).

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