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does anyone happen to know the meaning os 'spoon' in the slang sense? i happened to overhear it used as an insult and have been confuzzled ever since.
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My boyfriend uses this as an insult all the time but to be honest before i met him i'd never heard it as an insult before. He uses it instead of idiot and i've always assumed this is because a spoon is dull or blunt.

Whenever he says it i'm instantly reminded of the line by Alan Rickman in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves where he informs someone (presumably Kevin Costner, but it has been a while since i saw the film) that when he gets hold of him he's going to cut his heart out with a spoon. When asked why he says, "Because it's dull, you idiot, it'll hurt more."


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where I come from it means 'cool' and would not be used as an insult.


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Here in dublin , spoon is often used as an insult , albeit a fairly friendly one , the kind you would use when a friend has said something stupid or spoonish , but most words that begin with sp can be substituted , the most commonly used are spanner and spud - I've always assumed its a replacement for the politically incorrect use of "spa" or "spastic" as an insult, which was quite common here in the eighties . g'luck spanners , Mark


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Hmmm...I'd never heard those slang uses before.
In most of the US, to "spoon" is to curl up with someone (preferably someone you are very fond of!) in such a way that your bodies face the same direction and are nestled as closely together as possibe. If done correctly, you end up looking a bit like a pair of spoons laid one on top of another.

When I moved to the Southern US, I noticed that "spooning" was a more general slang term for "making out" or even just plain old "smooching" (to use their terminology").


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Ahhh...I take that back. I have heard the expression "dull as a spoon and twice as shiny" once or twice, meaning that the person in question is not too bright, but has enough good looks to get by. (Usually in a sort of greasy-haired used-car salesman with a grin kind of way.)


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Oh that phrase is great. "Dull as a spoon and twice as shiny." It deals with my two most promonit obssesions, spoons and shiny things.


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In my household "spoon" is used as a verb, as well as an eating implement. If I was to "spoon" my son I would point a spoon at him and shout "spooooon! spoooooon!". Bonus points are scored if I manage to get the spoon on his forehead. His usual response is to pick up a bigger spoon and point it at me, shouting "spooooon". One or both of us will have then been said to be "spooned", much to my wife's annoyance, which is why we do it.

Plus, it is cheaper than a Playstation.


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well speaking from a media point of view. I know of two examples when spoon was used.
First the most famous:
"There is no spoon" by Neo. Looking at it from this way calling someone spoon would be like calling him a non-entity.

"spoooooon" The tick. This was his battle cry. The Tick is the dumbest person known to television (except for a certain person I can't say because I don't know how politicaly exceptable this board is)
And crossrevering someone with that person means he's just too dumb for words.

Off course I could look at it from entirly the wrong perspectief but it is just one view.

ps Hello all I'm new this is my first post
pps sorry for the bad grammar I'm Dutch not English


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as a regular user of the derogatory use of the word spoon i think the reason is simply due to the fact that (as mentioned in various other spoon related conversations) spoon is such a great sounding word. 'you flaming spoon' 'what did you do that for spoon face' 'oi spoon head' '**** off you ******* spoon'. i could actually do this all day so you can imagine how well it rolls off the tongue.


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I have heard the term spoon used before as cirtain position when perforing love making.



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In Star Trek DS9, "Spoonhead" is a racist insult aimed at Cardassians.

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