Fear me.

So I understand, this is where you can find out a little (or a lot) about me, depending on your attention span.

My name is Skiv, I lurk in rafters, haunt people in their dreams, and generally think you should fear me.

I'm in the SCA (www.sca.org), and love anything and everything to do with it. In the SCA, I enjoy heavy fighting (Sword and shield, I'm working on glaive a bit) to no end, despite my small stature and youth (I'm the only youth fighter in my shire, woot!). Don't get me talking about it unless you're prepaired for a bloody long rant in a joyful voice about the awesomeness that is the SCA. My persona in it is named Skiv Divio Matchiko, which translates into Skiv the Crazy Cat. Fear the cat ears... She's a Roma (Gypsy) that lives in Turkey, 13th century. Long live cultures where women wear pants! *raises fist*

I love shiny things... Yes that's right, shinies (I love my armor, the greatest shiny of them all). It doens't matter what kind, but I do like copper best, jewelry is nice, rings mostly, copper, shiny, rings are really really nice and I'll love you forever if you give me copper-shinies.

I love learning about the Romani people, who you would know as gypsies (I have a rough-draft article about them posted).

I'm a total geek, I watch my movies in widescreen, never fullscreen, I know how to drive a stick shift but not an automatic... I love reading, GOOD fantasy mostly, or history. When I went to camp, I brought "Medieval Technology and Social Change" for some light reading.

I can't sleep in beds without it hurting my back, so I sleep in a nest in the cornor of my room and let my cat have the bed.

I love bottles. Glass ones. I want to be an apothecary (someone who makes poisons, venoms and medicines) when I grow up. I can make medicine for almost any ailment out of stuff in your spice rack, though they won't taste good.

I love graveyards, old ones, I love E. A. Poe and his writing. I have a wooden gravestone in my room that I got for my birthday, and a rubbing of E. A. Poe's grave, framed, on my wall, and when my family went to Edgewood, MD (Which is ten minutes or so from Baltimore, IE where E. A. Poe's grave and house is) I drug them to the cemitary where he's burried every time we went into Baltimore.

I have random glass globes and other things around the size of a baseball (a little bigger) hanging from ribbons off my ceiling (Including my site token from Gulf Wars).

I hate the sun, but I get cold easily. My nose is insanely sensitive, si I can smell almost anything. I dress weird too.

I <3 Puss in Boots.

I have my own type of slang, you'll have to get used to that, I also have a weird accent, a mix of transylvanian (I generally can't say "what" "where" or things like that. I say "v'at" "v'ere" etc...) British (I say wicked and bloody and such things as that), german (I say "ah" "ah'm" "und" instead of "I" "I'm" and "and."), and a little southern for spice (I'm down here in Alabama).

People who ask me yes or no questions get Hell in return. Out of habit, besides saying "yes" or "no" I also say "Da," "Nu," (Romanian for yes and no) "Aye," (Slang) "Non" (French for no, even though I hate speaking French), "Ja," "Nein," (German for yes and no), "Sim," (Portuguese for yes) "Arva," "Kek," (Romani-Chib for yes and no) and "Yiss," "Nevah," (slang/accent-slurred)

I like plaid, I don't know why, I guess it's the Scotish in me.

I was born in America, but don't claim to be American. Yes, I realize I am an American, but I don't overly like what this country has become. In order of greatest percentage, I'm Charokee, Scottish, Irish and I'm sure there's some German or Russian in there somewhere, everyone says I look Russian. I had a random family of Russians come up to be and start talking in Russian to me, and I was like "I don't speak Russian, fie. So sorry." Hugged them all, then ran off after my mother.

I want to rule Australia some day.

I would love to travel, but getting out of the house first is nessisary... *stares at the rapping white guy on the TV* *shakes head* 'nyway, I will now list the places I'd love to go, countries, or even just... Sites...

Edgar A. Poe's Grave (check, been there, done that, got the rubbing),
Alexander the Great's grave,
Venezuela (It's in South America),
The Globe Theater (The one in London),
Pennsic Wars (In PA),
Angolia (It's this TINY country in Africa),
and Kihee, Queensland, Australia.


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