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No standard sizes?

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Spoons come in categories rather than standard sizes; ones distinguished by relative size, ie teaspoons, dessert spoons and serving spoons, and those distinguished by shape, ie the soup-spoon which can be described as having a deeper and rounder bowl for conveying soup from bowl to mouth.

But within those classes you have massive variations - my own teaspoon drawer boasts the relatively tiny, up to things which can only be classed as dessert spoons for very small mouths. The largest teaspoon conveys three times the capacity of the smallest and the variety in between is noticeable - same for the other two groupings. The only thing that classes them all as "teaspoons" is that the largest is still clearly too small to be a dessert spoon...

So if a friend asks for two sugars in their tea, the total amount delivered would vary wildly depending on spoon selected...

No standard sizes?

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Oh, and the seriously tiny jobbies used to convey mustard in small quantities are a class of their own.

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