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There is nothing funnier than Bottom. It is the holy Grail of British comedy and, thankfully, is kept away from mainstream opinion when it comes to the supposed Best of British comedies. The vicar of Dibley in the top three comedies of all time??? Thanks, but no thanks. If that is the ignorance that the masses display then I'm glad Bottom is beyond their comprehension. They don't deserve the visual and audio treat that we enjoy.

I think the thing that makes bottom so funny is that the ineptitude, pervertedness, childish behavior and general ignorance that both Ade and Rik display in their characters in everything that they do is the norm for them.

Everything they do seems to be one f-up after another, whilst having a detrimental effect on both of them (well, on Richard Richard more than Mr Hitler).

Also they seem to do all the things that the wicked side of us would like to do in certain situations without giving a thought about the consequences. God I'd just love to be like that.

And they way in which they treat certain characters and are treated by people just adds to the ongoing hilarity. Even their names suggest that they are a couple of looney whackos just longing for an asylum to put them in. It's great stuff. Plus the fact that one is a sexually repressed individual who actual thinks of himself as a better person than most due to a snobby personality, which invariably becomes unravelled during most episodes to expose the pervert he really issmiley - wah and the other is a drunkensmiley - ale, violent, hooligan who does his best to make sure that all information that enters his head reaches no further than the outer lobe or retina. That sort of makes it what it is.

The funniest moments in my personal view have to be in the sex shop, beating up the gasman and wrecking rottweiler's joint, getting stuck on the Ferris wheel, Eddie chopping Richie's finger off at Xmassmiley - wah, attempting and failing miserably to play chess, interrogating the Burglar in their flat and Richie trying to prepare himself for Lady Natasha. Absolute class! But their are so many other funny moments and I can safely say that every single episode can guarantee you laughs!!

Both Ade and Rik are talented individual comicssmiley - ok but put them together and you have pure dynamitesmiley - hug.

The live shows are good, better in one respect because they can get away with a lot more but I do prefer the TV series. It leaves me very warm inside to know that there has been at least two people on this planet who can tap into my sense of humour and make it funnier than I could ever have imagined!!!

Is there anyone out there who can claim to be a bigger fan of Bottom than me? If so, I'd like to hear from you. Post me for further info.

Bottom-Hilarity Defined

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have you ever wandered around Hammersmith just for the sheer hell of it, replaying episodes of Bottom in your head?

i have.

that killed a really otherwise dull day.

Bottom-Hilarity Defined

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i'd like to put my name forward as a bigger fan than you. I LOVE BOTTOM!!! smiley - biggrin

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