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What are people's favourite bits from bottom.

Mine is in gas when Richie forces the gasman to drink his cold tea smiley - smiley

bottom - best bits

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Mine best bit is probaply when they are up in the wheel. The lights go out, and the wheel slowly starts to crash. With our main characters on the edge of extinction. But still getting a new pint out of his jacket!

bottom - best bits

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My favourite is the bit in the chess playing episode where they invent the Esther Rantzen cocktail, a mix of pernod, ouzo and marmelade served in a glass with a rim of salt. Apperently it makes your gums crawl back from your teeth.

bottom - best bits

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Mine is also in Gas (the best episode), where they are trying to put right their wrong-doings at Mr Rotweilers(?) house, manage to get some nude pics of Mr R's wife (for the album) and Eddie burns his face off!

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Musashi Himura, the ronin returns, is happy to be back

no no no one of the funniest bits is in smells (the sex spray episode) were a high eddie provclaims himself to be a "love albatross"

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I never could understan (but I laughed anyway) why they lapsed into elderly lady dialogue after going looting in "RIOT"

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Musashi Himura, the ronin returns, is happy to be back

epeisode was called carnival, and the old lady was brillaint specially when eddie says weve been burgled, and richie goes now listen bhere young man, and eddie goes i had 25 five crates of milibu over there if it wasnt for the other 50 in the loft id be really upset by now

bottom - best bits

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the "old lady dialogue" was a thing that Les Dawson used to do with another chapn on his show both in truly awful drag as 2 housewifes talking over the garden fence.

rick and ade's version is accurate and very well observed and really funny of you've seen les dawson doing it.

bottom - best bits

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Eddie hands Richie a piece of paper:

Happy Bithday, Ritchie.
"Miss Whiplash, 3.30". Great, I'm finally going to do it!
You certainly are matey. Now, you're best going "each way".
How many ways are there?
Well, you can come first, second or third.
How many people are going to be there?
A few thousand I imagine.
What? I hope my mum doesn't find out.
She might. It's going to be on TV. A lot of horseraces are.
Horserace? This is for a horserace?
Yes! I've just given you a red hot tip.
Yes, and there's nothing I can do about it now!

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