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Twix - a naming problem...

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Uncle Ghengis

I'm sure that a Twix can only truly be a twix when there are two... Surely that's part of wht the name means??? (Related to "twin")

So when the manufacturers put only one in a packet they should rename it... I suggest that it should be called a UNIX!

Twix - a naming problem...

Post 2

Zak T Duck

...and in the process run into a lawsuit with SCO smiley - winkeye

Twix - a naming problem...

Post 3

Uncle Ghengis

Are you suggesting that Mars Confectionary corp have stolen the recipe from the Santa Cruz Operation?

Hmmm. Maybe not, but I dare say the lawyers might try to persuade us of that...

Twix - a naming problem...

Post 4

intelligent moose (the one true H2G2 Moose)

How about Monix then?

smiley - biggrin

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