A Conversation for Fun-sized Sweets and Chocolate Bars

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Spiffy - Always glad to see you

Though I've never seen or heard anyone use the word 'Fun' to describe candy (perhaps Dutch commercials are less into fun), I totally agree with you on this. Smaller is not necessarily better - those mini-M&M's consist more of tasteless coating than of chocolate. It's a waste! smiley - sadface

As always I prefer chocolate in it's best form: smiley - choc

Quite right!

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I agree as well, I have had many discussions on this. I never really under stood why they call them that, it never at all seemed fun, but I'm glad to find someone who understands.

Quite right!

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Here in the U.S. I think they more often call them "bite sized" candies. And mini-boxes of cereal are often referred to as a "family pack." The small candy bars do come in handy at Halloween though. The kids don't care of they are smaller since it looks like they get more candy as most people seem to hand out 3-4 pieces (on average) per child. This also allows the child to gather more of his/her loot on Halloween night since the smaller pieces take up less room in their bag, and weigh less so the bag doesn't get as heavy so quickly.

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