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Smoke bubbles.

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My favorite thing about bubbles is blowing smoke bubbles. Inhale a cigarette, clove or joint and exhale into the bubble and you get trapped smoke in a bubble, catch it on your wand put you index finger underit and it miraculously shrinks before your very eyes. It's wonderful. Tiny bubbles......

Smoke bubbles.

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Damon the Demon

If you link two big bubbles together then put a ring of smaller bubbles around the center you can then inject smoke with a straw in to every other small one, then blow on them to make them spin around. I guess you have to be there. I saw a hippie do it on Paul Daniels years ago. He also linked a load of bubbles together and blew smoke into its center and made a cube bubble..

Smoke bubbles.

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Wow, hippies are great. I'm going to go home an experiment on that one. Hmm...

Smoke bubbles.

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that is one of the most interesting things i've heard in a while

Message for NiN InCH NAil!

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Titania (gone for lunch)

Could you please write something/anything on your 'My Space' by using the 'Edit page' button?

That will create a 'Discuss' button, that will make it possible for people to contact you - and I know there are persons just waiting to welcome you to h2g2... !smiley - angel

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