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It is truly amazing how bubbles affect us. I recall a time when I was watching two young boys, it was raining outside and we had nothing to do. I decieded to get out the bubbles and have a little fun. You would have thought we were breaking the law, blowing bubbles indoors. They were so suprised that an adult would allow bubbles inside, that it was the first thing they told their mom when she came to pick them up. I have broke the bubble law many times since then and have gotten the same reaction from nearly everyone. Bubbles in the house! IT'S AMAZING.


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Nho (indoctrinated this week)

i am very fond of blowing bubbles in my bedroom. fortunately no one has noticed ever, but i am sure the reaction of any person older than me (quite nearly 18) would be a small twitch of disdain.
It is without doubt the best thing to do when feeling bored and slightly less than cheery. As a group activity it also has enormous assets - everyone can chase the bubbles - this was a particular favourite activity at my old boarding school, when six or seven people gathered in my study to chase bubbles.




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HaHave either of you seen them GREAT bubbles that stick together?
they are great only trouble is, that when yo you blow yhem in the house(the only way as far as im concerned)they stick to everything so you have to go ro round cleaning them all up when they have popped(somsome last st for hours and hours)but it all part of the fun , well worth £3 if you as ask me.
Carrie xx

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