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Bubbles are amazing phenomena. Not only do they have the ability to hover, drift, waft hypnotically and entertain small children for hours, with giggles, open-mouthed wonder and playful chases that often end up with a warning from parents to 'watch out for that car!', but they help clean stuff too.

There are many stories in bubble lore of just how clean they get things. Many bubble advocates think that if Lady Macbeth hadn't spent so much time muttering 'Out, damned spot' and had just found some soap, she could have avoided a lot of hassle later.

Most cultures agree: bubbles are great, but eventually they must be washed away. The washing away usually leads to a state called 'clean'. However, some people believe that it's better to leave their bubbles on things. On their dishes, on their pets, on themselves. Perhaps is it is due to the a sense of awe, a missing rinsing gene in the gene pool, a form of rebellion, the belief that what you can't see can't hurt you or some weird idea that it is too much effort to use just a bit more water. Or that it will rain later, anyway.

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