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Hoop the Mottle

Well, I did see it,liked it and although Keanu is not the best actor in the world, I think Lawrence is but the way he played /deadpanned some of those hideously semi-religious lines you wouldn't know it.Bruce Willis could have done the same lines and made them believable...If you ask me , but you didn't but oh,well.....


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Katsy a.k.a. Esti

I know I'm not 15 yet but I've seen the Matrix 3 times and it is my favourite film of all time! I think Keanu is an excellent actor, and so are the others (Lawrence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss). I would have loved to have been in that film!


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Keanu is the face of the desolate future... with Jonny and Chanin Reation and the Matrix... Is he truly, "The One,"??????


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Fadookie the Froody- Veggie Poetry@A2248733

(three year time gap smiley - yuk)
Personally, when Morpheus was demonstrating the 'jump' training program, I expected Neo to say "excellent"!

-FTFsmiley - cool


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Yep, Keanu is not an acting legend, I still got heavy shades of Bill & Ted when I saw him in action in Reloaded last week. Luckily, however, the Neo character is supposed to be the One, and should have an element of "other"ness, which Keanu's wooden acting style (for want of a better word) actually fits quite well. If someone who could act, say Ewan McGregor, had played Neo then yes, he would have been a lot less grating to watch, but he would have come across as a person, not so much as a mythical being, The One.

The fact that Keanu wears sunglasses is also something to be grateful for - actors largely act with their eyes, bad actors like Keanu are best shaded(something which the director of Bill & Ted must have realised when he strategically covered Ted's eyes with hair all those years ago in "Bill & Ted...". smiley - smiley



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