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'The Matrix' - the Film

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Cat-Eyes: No..... why.... ?

Personally, I loved all the Matrix films. Well, both of them so far. Revolutions comes out in November, very soon, so can't wait for that.

Trinity dying was obviously never going to happen, but the dreams and everything was a good way to tie everything in.

The freeway scene was brilliant though, you have to admit.

Well, at least I don't feel too young now, I'm 14 in a few days.


'The Matrix' - the Film

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my goodness!!!....I wonder if anyone else can make me feel older... smiley - yikes

No, I'm going to have to stick with my original stand and say that I didn't like the sequel. I wonder how the third one is going to be smiley - huh

'The Matrix' - the Film

Post 23

Singe Dad, Stuck in Devon

You feel old, I'm 38 here! and feeling it today, so has no one yet seen the new and final Matrix???

'The Matrix' - the Film

Post 24

Cat-Eyes: No..... why.... ?

No.... And I'm not happy about it. I was on a school thing when it got realeased and I've had migraines ever since so I haven't been to see it yet and my friend has seen it THREE TIMES!!!



'The Matrix' - the Film

Post 25


I managed to see it at the 'global' screening of it - the one where I had to watch it at 1am (in Sydney, Australia, anyway)....smiley - grr

Definitely wasn't worth staying up until 1am to watch. Not that good, but better than the second.....

Which is not really saying much in the grand scheme of things.

Not giving any spoilers away - the ending was stupid, and there needed to be more martial arts in it - there was hardly any! Machine stuff was cool...and I didn't mind it *too* much until about a half hour/40mins before the end.

How did everyone else feel about it. Personally, they should have left it at one. It was good on its own. My smiley - 2cents

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