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My eyebrows

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Mr Socks

Mine are getting scary. They (the individual hair folicles) have all started to seek a new direction in life - one that seems to be anywhere, as long as it doesn't mean sitting parallel to my eye. There's the 'elephant hair' too - you know, the hair that... no, I can't go on with this, they're watching me type, and I feel a mutiny coming on. I'll probably wake up blind with a canopy of hair over my eye sockets as they grow full circle and start forming nets. You think I'm joking.

My eyebrows

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Researcher 53645

Is just a sign of getting old, like nose and ear hair

My eyebrows

Post 3


I have a single very very fine hair that grows out of the centre of my forehead and gets about 5 inches long before I notice.......!!!

My eyebrows

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I Am Researcher 227242

No mole or anything for the 5 inch hair to grow from? That can happen, had one of those on my arm once...

Perpaps hair *is* alive, and we just aren't intelligent enough to communicate with it hmmm? I know *I* will start talking to my eyebrows in the mornings from now on...

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