A Conversation for Eyebrows


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chickadee (wheee!)

could it be that we still have eyebrows after losing most of our facial hair because they highlight facial expressions, not for sweat? They don't work well for keeping out sweat, but i've noticed that even my dog uses her eyebows a lot. They definitely do change the look of a face, so it knda makes sense. Just an idea...


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I Am Researcher 227242

Actually, I read that they kept out particles and such, like dust, sort of a bunch of hair for airborne stuff to get stuck to instead of in your eyes? That never made a huge amount of sense to me, but it makes more sense than catching sweat I think. Of course, that is what under-arm-hair is there for isn't it? To catch the sweat?

Anyone know why *that* is there? *mumbles incoherently and wanders off*

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