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There is also the curious phenomenon of those who, inexplicably, pluck out their eyebrows and then draw new ones on. I guess they figure that their particular eyeprows are so horribly repugnant that they ought to really just start over.

Eyebrows Continued

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Men very rarely do this tho' which means even eyebrows make a person more masculin and macho.

Eyebrows Continued

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I Am Researcher 227242

I know a man who did this, he was a "Goth." Not the barbarian kind either. I decided to ask him why and he told me he kept trying to make them thinner and thinner (for whatever reason people want to make their eyebrows thin) and eventually there was so little there he just got rid of it and drew some on. Naturally since he doesn't want little hairs sticking out in random places he plucks them now whenever they come in. It makes more sense than some things people do at least... but that doesn't say a lot for us.

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