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Intelligent vs. Obedient vs. Other

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Master Kew

Funny, I always remeber school in 3 groups: Intelligent, Obediant, and Other

Intelligent; consisting of people who rarely got more than a C, simply because they were bored due to lack of challenging material, and little or no teacher/parent attention, this is a small group, that rarely come togetehre in support, or even discussion, if you are lucky you will see two, or even three togetehre at once. These are frequently the "weird" person in any given area. The ones who will sit in class, do absolutely nothing, but who's advice and comments the teacher will listen to and aprove of without the need for thought. They answer questions faster, and outshine the best 'A' students when they actually bother to answer a question or pay attention to a test. They are the Janitors in Mensa, and the Hippie Rocket Scientists. They are not Bill Gates. These are the people in history books who are never mentioned by name, who change worlds without trying. Arthur Dent goes here. As do many poets and several musicians.

Obediant; Not overly bright, but always got the work done, represented well by the letter A, thought thish group consists of peopel all the way down to C-, generaly you find Jocks and Preps in this section, and are ALWAYS considered the 'brightest' students. Also consists of the less intelligent, and most any 'click' you can name. If you fit into almost any type of person, you go here. Here you will find Bill Gates, any news anchor, most supreemly popular actors and musicians (Britney Spears anyone?).

Other: For all those who can't fit in the other two. And don't think there are a lot of you. Here you find loners. Truly intelligent preps and jocks who need to be away from their 'type' to stay sane. Creativity in Visual arts and Storys are rampant in those who are 'others'. Here you find Stephen King. If you have read "The Wheel of Time", then Perrin Aybara goes here.


Intelligent vs. Obedient vs. Other

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Rissa of the ShoeShine, Protector of Boots Everywhere - Thingite, Zaphodista, NH Player, Geek

Wow! Someone read WoT!! I only got halfway through, then my character database "burned down, fell over then sank into the swamp." smiley - laugh I love Monty Python. Unfortunately my VCR just ate my only tape - the Holy Grail! BAD VCR! *hits it with rolled-up newspaper*

Intelligent vs. Obedient vs. Other

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CaffienatedMonkey- (formally SupremeEarthworm) Dreaming of Sleep

I guess I would be an Obedient-Other by those standards, since I always got my work done and generally do well with school work, but not like I'm intelligent enough to retain or study. On the flip side, I have a natural knack for writing stories and poetry... Interesting, I like this class system makes more sense then any I have discovered... You can actually get nine more groups out of these three, depending on the skewing of abilities... For example, Intelligent-Obedient (naturally smart, but also gets all the work done) and Obedient-Intelligent (which would skew more toward the Obedient traits than toward the intelligent traits). I think I'm maybe 70 (obedient) and 30 (other) myself... Mind boggling! smiley - biggrinsmiley - ok

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