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I would like to do an update of this entry, but a collaborative one so as to get as much info and as many perspectives as possible about student life. If anyone would like to help then reply to this thread.

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This entry doesn't need an update, it needs complete replacement. I'm surprised that anything of this poor quality is in the Edited Guide. This entry isn't instructive, informative, factual, or useful. It's not even funny in the "insult comic" tradition.

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I've spoken to the editors about this and this is because it's from 1999, pre-BBC and when lots of the entries were loosely edited and quite weird in style. I've started a new entry that I can work on with people over at A39162233. I can change it to say 'replacement' rather than 'update' if people think that'd be better? I do as well actually, this one doesn't even look like it's been finished.

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I didn't find this offensive in the same way others seem to, but I do think it has no place in the EG. It might better belong somewhere that specifies it is a bit of silliness, and not really that useful. I don't know how much I have to add, but I'm a student who has just finished his first year, so I must have something useful to contribute somewhere smiley - smiley.

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