A Conversation for Students

Art student

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Greasy Pirate

I am one. You are correct. I am drunk

Art student

Post 2

Fatigue Cracks

I'm not one. I am an engineering student. I am not drunk. But I plan on getting drunk soon.

Art student

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I am not one. But I am drunk, anyway.

Art student

Post 4

Researcher 199916

I am not one, but I am a computer student, and we DO get drunk.
In fact programming is much more interesting when you're completely rat-faced. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to finish off the rest of my cheap paint-stripper (vodka) and polish scientific calculator.

Art student

Post 5

Researcher 199916

Sorry about typo, keyboard bit blurrrry.

Art student

Post 6


Well. I was going to say that you are being rather steriotypical and not all students are alcoholics and never get up before 12 pm etc.

Having read the rest of this conversation I now withdraw my comment.

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