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Although the description of students is generally correct, one thing is ill portrayed - the Oxford Student. These come generally in two categories Loaded and not-loaded. Unlike most other university students, those at Oxford boast to know about various subjects, admittedly know very little about them in reality, but go to great lengths in debates at The Oxford Union to divulge their knowledge (opinions) to the world!

Most members of the Union want to go into politics, or are unable to find other things to do in life so join in the hopes that other people will organise their social lives for them, hence the 'appeal of the Purple Turtle' (the Oxford Union Bar)

Having advised that at no costs should students be asked what they are reading, may I also add that at no time (ever) should you ask a law student for advice on aspects of the law or whether or not you are entitled to sue anybody... the whole reason lawyers make good money, is not that they know any more about the law than the ordinary citizen, they just know where to look for the answers... in the case of law students even this is not even always true!

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Most (active) members of the union are exactly like our current politicians i.e. couldn't give a s**t about anyone and will do or say anything for some publicity.

It's a shame that there is a good chance that some of them will be running the country in 15 years. As for the last three presidents, if any of them become ministers, I swear I'll emigrate.

The Oxford Student

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Come now, Lucy Aitkins could so easily be the next Thatcher, and I would be the first person to sign the ballot box!

The Oxford Student

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"Although the description of students is generally correct"

I don't know where this reasoning comes from. I found what was said in this entry offensive and nothign more than a load of unfounded generalising and stereotyping.

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