I thought it was about time I wrote something about myself here - even though I should be learning for my exams in stead of writing my Introduction. Hm, where to start...
Well, I'm 18 years old (born on the 25th of march, 1985). I live in Uccle, nearby Bruxelles, in Belgium, but during the week, I live in Leuven, a University city a little north from Bruxelles. I'm in my first year of Germanic Languages, option English-Dutch, so I shouldn't be making too much spelling mistakes - in theory, that is.

One other thing that might be interesting about me (well, maybe not, but I can only try) is that I like to write. Up till now I've only written some short stories. Some more thriller-like, others more autobiographical and the last four stories were fantasy. 'Mikael', my nickname, is the name of one of the characters of those last stories. One of my goals is to write a book that's good enough to get published, and that actually has a meaning to at least some of the readers. Don't know how that will work out, but time will tell...

I've been a Buffy-fan since the third season, and I've seen the first two series almost entirely too by now.
*Best Big Bad: Glory (I just loved the Big Bad Mad Goddess thing. At the end of season five, I thougth, "Wow, how are they going to top this years Big Bad?" Well, they never did. Making Willow evil was a good idea for that, but there never was as much threath as with Glory, I cared more about 'oh no, how are they going to bring Willow back?' then about 'Oh no, how are they going to survive?'. Doenst mean it was a bad season (I kind of liked season 6, not the best, but not bad). And even 'the First' doesn't have the same love-to-hate thing going on that Glory had.)
*Favourite character-centered-episode: The Body. (Cliché, I know, but this just was perfect tv)
*Favourite comedy-episode: 'Him' and 'Once more with feeling' (the musical was full of really little subtle things, that I only remarked the second or third time I saw it, just fantastic).
*Favourite horror-episode: I'm just summing up the clichés here, but yeah, this is 'Hush'.
*Favourite action episode: 'Chosen', the big big finale, you won't be disapointed (if they don't cut out too much...)
*Favourite Character: I like them all. Really. Every character has had it's moments, and I really can't make a choice...

Another show I really LOVE (just as muc as Buffy, don't shoot me people) is 'Alias'. I don't know if it's shown in the UK, but it's very good, believe me.

That's about it, kids. Thanks for reading my intro...

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