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I've just been to a job interview. I was going to try and live my entire life without having a single proper full time job but I think I flunked it. Now I'll probably have to join the rest of you faceless drones and commute all the way into Highfield every day (all of five hundred metres).

And I'll have to work at a strict formal company (in the boss' garage, dress code: wear clothes), getting up early every morning for an unrelenting day's work (flexible hours, come in when you like) with hard targets and deadlines (do something about the website, y'no, make it look pretty or something).

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I just don't get this housework thing. How the h**l do you get irons to flatten clothes? Mine seems to just make them warm and damp, and leave them crumpled. And what's with the sewing/darning thing? I don't see how some people (I'm trying desperately not to be sexist here) manage to seamlessly repair clothing with millions of minute stitches that don't unravel. The best I can do is have a few huge stitches that go in and out of the clothing in really weird places and contort them so much it looks like a fashion statement.

Oh, and while I'm about it, how do you wash and dry woolen stuff so they're actually washed and dried? I've got hand wash stuff which seems to leave them smelling worse, and there's no way to dry the things without stretching them out to five times their original size.

I need to live with a female. No, I didn't say that! Ignore it!

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Apologies... anyone expecting anything from me recently, or anyone thinking I'm ignoring them. I haven't been on h2g2 much, and probably won't for a while, because I'm going through a bad time mentally (I suffer from what is currently known as ME/CFS, but they generally give it a new name every couple of months). So instead of my normal self, I'm spending a lot of time sitting in my bedroom in the dark, growling at a pot plant and sticking knives into things/people. Virtually everything annoys me considerably so to prevent myself being offensive onsite I'm restricting my movements on h2g2. Unfortunately I can't do the same in real life so if you hear that I've gone psychopathic and sliced my housemate's throats with an AOL CD you know why.
When/if I get better, at least I'll be able to write some interesting Guide entries about hallucinations, homocidal tendencies and what rubbish is on TV at four in the morning.
Oh and I was joking about sticking knives into people. I haven't done that. Yet. But if my housemate throws my post down onto the floor outside my door loudly once more...

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In four month's time I'm moving (about 300 metres) to a new house. We're going to install an ADSL line so that the two of us that want to can go on the internet at a decent speed. An ADSL line between two of us... mmmm.... smiley - smiley

Anyway, we're already planning what we're going to do with it. I've got a webcam, but haven't decided what to point it at. Any suggestions?

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Thees ees un test

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smiley - cake

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