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AAAAAAAAARGH... employers...

So. I'm not allowed to listen to my mp3 player at work, or use my PDA. Even though my boss uses his PDA and his boss's daughter is always listening to her walkman. I hate double standards. Oh and I've been asked to remove links from work sites to my website, maybe because they're coming across comments like this.

What they don't seem to realise is that they're shooting themselves in their feet. If I'm not happy at work, I'm not productive. If I'm not happy and productive, then I tend to think along the lines of, screw this job.

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I'm writing this using my phone. smiley - flyhi I've always wanted to use h2g2 on a portable device, as suggested in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The nearest h2g2 ever got to this was making 'h2g2 on the move' - a WML skin for h2g2, for use on WAP enabled mobile phones. A good idea, except that WAP turned out to be duff technology. smiley - erm
Anyway, most mobile internet devices can handle HTML - the real problems are bandwidth and screen resolution. h2g2 is quite image intensive, and so almost (but not entirely) unusable on mobile devices.
So, I've decided to take matters into my own hands and I've created inject2g2 - a simple, small, low bandwidth site that provides a few basic h2g2 functions. The first useful function is adding a journal entry. Hopefully I'll add more.
Meanwhile, I can happily add to my journal, wherever I am - in bed, on a train, up a mountain... assuming O2 lets me have a signal, of course. smiley - biggrin

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Test 2

This is entered from my phone smiley - biggrin

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smiley - biggrin

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Apologies and crop circles

Apologies for not being on h2g2 much. I don't have time nowadays to partake in the community, as much as I'd like to.

Especially apologies for those expecting me to do more as the 'President of h2g2'. I give my full encouragement to Shazz and others to impeach me in my absence. If somebody is voted in as my replacement I'll be happy to transfer editing rights for the Alabaster House and stuff to them (as long as they're elected democratically, and aren't complete vegetables)

Completely unrelated ramblings: We went to see a crop circle last night. See a picture of it at - it's the Sparsholt circle, reported on 16th August 2002. It's very cheesy - a big picture of an alien is included - but very impressive. I don't believe any of the crap about them being made by aliens or stuff, I just think they're nice works of art - I really respect the guys who make them. It was very funny, however, listening to the other people looking at the circle, debating supernatural forces and stuff. If you turned up with a hat made of silver foil and waving a pendulum, nobody would be surprised.

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