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Just got engaged to Tinkerbell smiley - loveblush

We met on h2g2 smiley - biggrin

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This is an article which I wish I had written, but didn't:

A722251 - A Personal Account of Depression Survival - by Spacemuse

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My God...

... I haven't written a Guide Entry since July last year. And that was an update. I think I've been neglecting h2g2 somewhat. I feel incredibly guilty for some reason!

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Peregrin is back...


If you're wondering where I've been for the last few months (assuming anyone noticed I'd gone smiley - winkeye) there's several reasons why.

1. I've got a demanding job which I enjoy doing and therefore takes up most of my time nowadays. And because I'm working on computers (and on the web) at work, I don't really want to spend all my evenings on a computer as well.

2. A certain fellow h2g2-er was distracting me... smiley - loveblush

3. I became very disillusioned with the way h2g2 was going after it joined the BBC. smiley - blue h2g2 is no longer something I can get excited about.
I've given it some time to sort itself out (OK then, technically, I've given myself some time to come to terms with it) and decided that in my opinion it has failed to be what it set out to be (an unconventional guide to Life, the Universe and Everything, containing the wit and wisdom of Douglas Adams and his many adoring fans) and has turned into yet another tool of the Corporation. No offence meant to the people who run h2g2; I respect them a lot, especially the ones who have run it since the start. But I no longer feel that h2g2 has a great bright future, nor is it something I want to dedicate lots of time to any more.

Having said that, I have made lots of friends through h2g2 that I wish to keep in touch with, and I like the type of people who chat on h2g2. So I will stick around for now but don't expect me to do anything exciting.

You can stop watching now.

No, really.

I'm not going to do anything fun.

You can go now.

Go away!

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smiley - flyhi

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