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Hurray! Plain skin!

The latest release of DNA (the technology behind h2g2) includes a new 'Plain' skin - low graphics, simple text, the works. Superb. It was designed to help Digibox users access the site, but also not only does it mean the site loads much quicker on normal computers, but it's also ideal for mobile computing needs. I'll be able to use h2g2 to my heart's content using my PalmOS wireless device.

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Bluebottle's visiting, haven't seen him for ages. We lived in the same house or halls for the past three years, but now we rarely see each other as he's moved to the deepest darkest north. (A long way north by his standards, anyway smiley - smiley)

If he's good, I'll let him use our internet access later, and he might be able to make a rare special guest appearance on h2g2 smiley - biggrin

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Working in London

All the jobs that I like the look of are in London so I'm looking at the feasibility of commuting to London from Southampton.
I know it's possible, because there's hundreds of glum looking people standing around in suits on the Southampton Central platform at 7.30 every morning. But I suspect they're glum looking because they're about to attempt to negotiate a couple of hours of London rush hour trains.
However, I want to further my career, and all the vaguely interesting internet jobs are in the capital. I sometimes suspect I'm not in the best of industries, as internet jobs are rarer than Welsh-speaking dodos at the moment.
Ah well... better harrass some interviewers.

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Alton Towers h2g2 meetup

We're at the Alton Towers meetup, and we've just had a barbeque. Considering the food poisoning I got after the last meetup bbq, if I die, you'll all know what killed me smiley - biggrin
Alton Towers was full of people - more so than normal - today; hopefully it'll be a bit quieter tomorrow so we can go on rides without waiting for hours smiley - erm
We've also got some great photos.... especially of Wumbeevil.... (who snores like a warthog btw)

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I'm on a beach near Harlech. I'm posting to my journal simply because I can. I'm sure I'll find a more legitimate use for wireless technology one day. smiley - erm

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