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From BBC News: "Warwick District Council will go to the High Court in May in an attempt to force Coventry Airport to demolish a passenger terminal. Just one month after the airport started budget flights out of the city it was told to close the terminal. The council has issued an enforcement notice claiming the airport did not have planning permission. A High Court hearing on 14 and 15 May will decide whether the airport has to stop using the terminal."


Yes, yes, yes! smiley - smiley I wish Warwick District Council all the luck in the world. It's not so much being in the flight path that bothers me (we already get flown over every few minutes by flights headed for Birmingham International) but the attitudes of ThomsonFly (owned by TUI, the owners of Lunn Poly), Coventry Airport and then the new owners of Coventry Airport, ... you guessed it ... TUI! They haven't exactly gone out of their way to win over local people...

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Continuing a theme...

Ways in which the world is out to get me: smiley - winkeye

I noticed tonight a trail for a Dispatches program on C4 - about how the Royal Mail treats our post and how bad the service is.

The last letter that I received came to home in South Warwickshire from Oxford. It took upwards of four weeks, first class.

It occurred to me that I could probably have crawled that distance in less time, with both legs amputated.

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Excuse me, sir...

(At WHSmith cash desk in Oxford)

Cashier: The coverdisc on this magazine (PCFormat) has a 16+ rating.

Me: That's OK, I'm 18.

Cashier (in loud, irritated voice): Sorry, sir. I'm just legally required to inform you that by law you may not allow anyone below the age of 16 to use this disc.


I've worked out that what really annoys me is people spouting rubbish at me and trying to make me feel like a criminal. No wonder WHSmith is going down the tubes.

The rating system in question was a voluntary, European rating that, according to its site at appears to have no legal status at all - it's merely an advisory like those 'explicit content' labels that you get on music.

What irritated me wasn't that my attention was drawn to it. It's that the lady at WHSmith lied about her reasons for drawing it to my attention. The real reason that she told me is that it is apparently company policy to point these things out.

Actually, I'm also quite annoyed that the reason for this policy is that the chain appear voluntarily to refuse to sell these games to people who are not old enough, and that I must therefore look a full three years younger than I am despite being 6'3" and having not shaved in a while.

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Pointlessly and unnecessarily p**sed off...

I've managed to work myself into a proper mood, and I will now outline why in order that you may develop a mixed sense both of concern for my mental wellbeing and of amusement:

1) Sunday, 0900 BST: Headache. Possibly caused by a mixture of poor eyesight, alcohol and sharp corners of shelves above bed. Decide to visit Oxford to buy cheese and foreign newspapers - it rains and I forget my coat. I arrive back having purchased neither the cheese nor the papers. However, I have succeeded in eating too much McDonalds, which almost get their revenge as we head through the K'ton traffic calming.

2) Yesterday (Monday) morning: The headache still has not cleared.

3) Yesterday, 2355: Two coaches full of loud, excited teenagers pulls up outside window. Still have a headache. Shouting at coaches does not help. Finally get to sleep to the sounds of the BBC World Service at 2:45am...

4) Today (Tuesday), BST: Revision for Chemistry test, second in 48 hours. Still headache, worse. Tired. Unwell - although this is solved by breakfast, bar the headache.

5) 1300 BST: Lunch is horrible. I cook a noodle snack and feel much better.

6) 1355: Go to French Oral practice session. I am reassured by French 'assistante' that I am even worse than I was before the holidays.

7) 1415: My boss (I'm 'Editor' of the school magazine, but it's ultimately her responsibility) calls a meeting. Things are looking good until two announcements occur within 5 minutes of each other. Firstly, the IT department are refusing to honour requests for timings for the arrival of the new kit (if it ever happens) with a response. Without this there will be no magazine. Secondly, boss announces that she will be on maternity leave from September and therefore there will be another standby boss, who does not know how to use the system - and guess what! I'm the only one who does! I'm leaving, but they'd appreciate it if I'll help for this edition until I head off to Uni. I'm happy to, and this is fine. But only if IT hurry up.

8) 1515: My other boss, the student editor of a creative writing magazine that I'm helping with, has been told to strip out all the great new material that makes the publication worth reading, by my least favourite person (his boss). These contributions include offerings from prominent poets, denounced as 'doggerel'. More importantly, members of the school's teaching staff are working on pieces and may have to be told that they won't be included. The student editor's boss had plenty of opportunity to sort this out before Easter and the countless hours of hard work and running around chasing things up...

9) 1600: I give up for the day, and resolve to start working on plans of how to deal effectively with the IT technicians.

This posting may ultimately disappear sometime within the next 48 hours as I have to be careful that no-one has a chance to be offended by it. Internal politics is getting the better of me... smiley - yikes Welcome to the real world, I suppose! smiley - smiley

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I love UCAS Track!

I never thought I'd say that. After all, they did send me umpteen reminders that I'd been turned down by Oxford smiley - wah and that annoyed me.

However, today I am happy because late yesterday I got an email telling me to go and look on the tracking service. Unexpectedly, I'd been given a conditional offer. In addition to my AAB to Birmingham and my ABB to Leeds, I can now proudly add that University College, London have offered me the following:

A in English A-level
AB in 2 of Chemistry, History, French
Pass at AS-level in the fourth subject

I guess that's smiley - bubblysmiley - cake all round, then, although it does tell me to read the UCL letter (which hasn't arrived yet) for 'further information'...

smiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cakesmiley - cake

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