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Missing me? Well, now there's no need. I'm *everywhere*...!

OK. So that was a blatant lie, but you knew that. The reality is that I've now emerged from a month-long hangover and am ready to get on with a new life that I've been forging from the wreckage of what was before. smiley - winkeye

But more seriously, I've started broadcasting to UCL and to the world online as part of the excellent Rare FM ( - surprisingly...). Aside doing the news at 1330 UK time on a Friday [although not every week as I'll have a 'team' soon] I'm also hosting my own show for an hour at 11am on a Wednesday. When no-one's listening. But *you* can! I'd be delighted if you'd tune in, and either email or text me live on air.

And for those veterans among you, yes that is *the* Frankie Roberto, Station Manager! smiley - biggrin

Whoami? smiley - cake

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I'm really back now!

I type this sat in my room early in the morning on my first full day at UCL. I'm in Linux mode because my Windows installation would appear to have a nasty worm which I haven't managed to erase yet. Still, it works and the connection is lightning-fast. So, now I have fewer excuses for not getting that overdue subbing done!

London is feeling very big right now - but I'm having a great time and the people on my corridor and in the rest of the Hall seem nice enough! smiley - biggrin

Whoami? smiley - cake

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Results and more...

I bet you wanted me to give it away in the title, but no. I thought I might use this Journal Entry to give you all a little update on my situation:

I've now returned to Scouting and Subbing - and am so pleased to be back! I've missed those badges, but Jimster and Natalie (and Paully) have kept them nice and polished for my return... smiley - biggrin

Today is AS and A2 results day across England, Wales and Northern Ireland - and my household is no exception. I nervously telephoned my former school (they're a long way away) to get my results, and they obliged in alphabetical order, with the following results for the A-level (AS and A2 combined, all sat this summer):

Chemistry: A
English Literature: A
French: A
History: A

So there we have it. I start English Language and Literature at UCL late in September. Maybe if I'm lucky my accomodation will come with decent internet access. If not, there'll be trouble! smiley - winkeye

Whoami? smiley - cake

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I'm off on my world tour of France (Paris and the Dordogne) - I'm writing from T2 of Birmingham International Airport. Just to let you know that I won't be online much this week, as I'll be miles from an internet connection. smiley - groansmiley - winkeyesmiley - cake

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Five, four, three, two, one...

The situation with me and exams is getting better and better. I've just come out of the Chartism paper, which was pretty run-of-the-mill. That leaves the following:

Tuesday 29 June (*Clashes)

0900* - 1000 Chemistry A2: Chemical Trends and Patterns
0900* - 0945 French A2: Listening & Writing
1000* - 1200 French A2: Reading & Writing, Writing in Registers
1005* - 0945 Chemistry A2: Transition Elements

Wednesday 30 June

1330 - 1545 English A2: Comparative and Contextual Study (Swift, Atwood)

Once those are outh of the way, I'll be free! The better news is that there's not a huge amount of material one can revise for French A2 - I'm not going to cram in that much more grammar or vocab in the next few days, so it leaves me free to focus on the English (which still needs a lot of work) and the Chemistry (again...).

Finally, I would like to announce my intention to re-apply for my editorial-side volunteer badges again on the day of the London Meet, Saturday, 10th July. It has been very painful not being 'in the loop' and not hearing everything that has been going on while I've been working hard for interviews and exams. I am looking forward to applying for reinstatement, and if buying Jimster and Natalie a drink at the meet can speed it on its way, what's the harm, eh? smiley - winkeye

Whoami? smiley - cake

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