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There is a God!

Whoever you believe in, confirmation today that he/she/it must exist! I just had almost six hours of exams - Chemistry AS Foundation Chemistry, Chains & Rings and How Far, How Fast this morning, History AS Votes for Women and The Road to Unification, Italy c.1848-70 this afternoon. My writing hand hurts but not in the bit that does typing, thankfully.

There wasn't a single nasty question all day! I was dreading the Unification of Italy but a favourabe set of questions came away that rewarded my somewhat frantic attempts at revision.

Whoami? smiley - cake

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The times and dates for my remaining AS/A2 examinations are as follows:

Thursday 10 June

0900 - 1000 Chemistry AS: Foundation Chemistry
1005 - 1105 Chemistry AS: Chains and Rings
1105 - 1155 Chemistry AS: How Far, How Fast?

1330 - 1500 History AS: Votes for Women
1505 - 1605 History AS: Unification of Italy

Monday 21 June

0900 - 1015 History A2: The Age of Peel
1020 - 1135 History A2: Representation & Democracy in the UK 1830-1928

Tuesday 22 June

1330 - 1530 English Lit A2: Poety (Pope) and Drama (Wilde)

Thursday 24 June

1330 - 1500 Chemistry A2: Chains, Rings and Spectroscopy
1505 - 1620 Chemistry A2: Unifying Concepts in Chemistry

Friday 25 June

0900 - 1045 History A2: Chartists

Tuesday 29 June (*Clashes)

0900* - 1000 Chemistry A2: Chemical Trends and Patterns
0900* - 0945 French A2: Listening & Writing
1000* - 1200 French A2: Reading & Writing, Writing in Registers
1005* - 0945 Chemistry A2: Transition Elements

Wednesday 30 June

1330 - 1545 English A2: Comparative and Contextual Study (Swift, Atwood)

And then I'll be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! smiley - smiley

Whoami? smiley - cake

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3 years old today!

Today is my 3rd h2g2 birthday. It doesn't seem that long! smiley - smiley

Well, I suppose there ought to be some sort of party with suitably inexhaustible supplies of smiley - bubbly and smiley - cake...

Whoami? smiley - cake

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"Having a smoking section in a restaurant... like having a peeing section in a pool."

That's my thought for the day, I guess...

Whoami? smiley - cake

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Pointlessly and unnecessarily p**sed off...: Update!

Well, things have got worse and better since the original posting:

On the topic of my magazine: we got the new computer. It didn't work to begin with, but it's sorted now. The situation re: next edition remains unknown. The creation of the creative writing magazine is almost done - final pre-print session tomorrow. Student editor is convinced, but will his boss be equally pleased? Anyway, too late to change much now. We have limited access to the old machine and the new one can't read any of our old layout files.


I got thrown down some stairs Friday night. Not injured - apart from my pride. The other person is having a really hard time and is very, very heavy. No apology yet; not expecting one. Got so angry that I forgot a couple of deadlines, then got stressed again Saturday and resolved to drop my work and go home. Proceeded to spend most of Saturday afternoon getting home. Thames Trains' franchise has been taken on by First Great Western Link (snappy name, I know). Little has changed. Well, apart from the new logos everywhere, crudely painted/stuck on. Oh, and the fact that the staff at Oxford station have new uniforms - not that they're any better. And they still call it 'Thames Trains'. To add to the fun, Network Rail have celebrated the bank holiday weekend with masses of engineering works everywhere - including between Banbury and Leamington Spa, again. smiley - groan Wind up on a rail replacement coach, which spends almost 20 mins driving around Banbury side streets for no apparent reason.

But now, things are clearing up. I'm stressed, tired and behind with my work, but now I'm laughing again. smiley - smileysmiley - smiley *doing the happy dance* (apologies for the 'baseketball' reference...

Whoami? smiley - cake

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