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Hot and msierable here, but my garden loves it

We're in the second day of an expected five-day heat wave (i.e., the daytime temps go over 90 degrees every day). When I walked over to 7-11 to get a Sunday paper, the sweat was getting my eyes and stinging them.

But my plants are loving it. The beans have started blooming like crazy. The zucchini plants doubled in size in just four or five days. The coreopsis are blooming, and the coneflowers are getting tall and starting to open. Even the sunflowers are forming buds. We'll see a few sunflower blossoms within a few days. They're not nearly as big as the gigantic annual sunflowers you're used to, but these are shade-loving perennials that put Cosmos to shame.

The roses have had their run, and are forming rosehips now. The ones that are supposed to bloom all season are resting from their exertions. I expect them try again in a few weeks.

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I planted a couple of Jack-in-the-Pulpit corms in my yard last Fall.

They didn't come up this Spring. I assumed that they were duds. Then yesterday I noticed the spike coming out of the earth. I guess maybe they're just a bit late. Or maybe only one is a dud.

I ordered three more recently. They came today, and I planted them not far from the one that came up. We'll see how they do.

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My "dead" peony is very much alive

Let's go back in time. Last Summer, a rabbit was driving me crazy by eating the leaves off my precious plants smiley - grr. I did manage to save most of them by putting a mix of garlic, chili powder, and dishwashing soap on the leaves (rabbits hate all of those things, so using all of them at once is pretty protective), but I hoped I could find alternatives that would not need any protection at all.

I went on the Internet looking for attractive flowers that bunnies wouldn't bother. Peonies looked like the best option. I even found one on the discount rack at a garden store. I took it home, planted it, and watched it die on me. Or so I thought. Being lazy or exhausted, or both, I just left it there, thinking I would put something else in that location the next Spring.

This is next Spring, and guess what? There's this healthy plant where the peony was, and it has nice buds, and maybe it will give me some beatiful blooms this year. Yay! smiley - smiley

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The Bibilical three score and ten today

Today I reached the age of 70.

It seemed like any other day -- I washed some laundry and went to a meeting.

Then, around 7:00 P.M. I went to Caffe Nero for some Almond Cream cake and a cup of coffee. That's about as nice a piece of birthday cake as I'm likely to get.smiley - smiley

And now I'm here in my online home away from home.

It's raining again outside as I write this.

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Daffodils are coming up

I planted about 20 daffodils last Fall. The other day I went around to see if any were up yet. There was no sign of them. Today I looked again, and saw about half them up. The blossoms are probably a couple of weeks away, but at least I know some of them survived the Winter. Daffodils from previous years are up again, and seem to have multiplied.

Other plants that have survived the Winter are Columbine, wild geraniums, Shasta daisies, and Black eyed Susans.

smiley - smiley

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