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Some silly limericks (I'm saving the serious ones for later)

You know how it is when you lie in bed a lot because it's too hot for anything strenuous?

To keep from going mad, I think of as many names as possible, and try to think of words that will rhyme with them.

Once I have the rhymes, I inevitably think of limericks to go with them.

Tis has given me a good supply of limericks, which I share with you in this journal:

I just threw a coin in the water.
he next thing I knew, Batman's daughter
Emrged form the brine,
Saying,"Will you be mine?
Think quick, or you'll be in hot water."\

My nephew got married to Sonja.
I wrote you, and maybe I'll phone ya.
The truth is that she
Is 103,
And knows everyone in Bologna.

I've written an ode to my mother.
I've stashed it one place or another.
You know how things go
When you get this much snow.
Now I'll do the same for my brother.

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A strange but nice dream about Pauline M

They told me that one of the meds I'm on would give me strange dreams.

I already tended to have strange dreams, and I have strange dreams now. Are the meds causing these, or is it a coincidence?

Anyway, Pauline M. was once the president of my trailer park association. Forceful, dynamic, never apologetic, and said to be funny by her nephews and nieces. She died almost exactly one year ago.

Last night, I dreamed that she was still alive and living in a house that she had bought. There was some subtext about the car dealer who once owned the park wanting to discontinue it (in real life, we worried about that happening anyway). Pauline fought him tooth and nail, and we won. The association owns he park now.

But, in an alternative reality, the dream assumes that she moved to a nice house with some extra bedrooms that someone could rent if the car dealer kicked them out of the park.

Then there was the train that ran on tracks that partly encircled the house. I tried to be a good passenger and tidy things up just before we reached the station.

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Plant milkweed, and the Monarchs will come

I looked out my window this morning and saw a Monarch butterfly sipping nectar from the Swamp Milkweed next to my porch. This seems momentous to me, though not everyone would get excited.

If, in a few weeks, I see little holes being chewed in the leaves, then I will know that eggs were laid and that caterpillars are feasting on the milkweed plant.

I have four swamp milkweeds in all, and three are in bloom. Even if the monarchs don't raise families here, I have seen the bumblebees pollinating the blossoms, so I hope I can look forward to milkweed pods.

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There's a bird in my house Eek!

I was up at eight in the morning so I could bring stuff out to the dumpster during the coolest part of the day. Silly me, I left the front door open to make it easier to get in and out quickly.

A little bird flew into the house through the open door. Maybe a chickadee or a house sparrow. Just a little bird. I doubt that it was there to eat my crackers. It hardly stayed in one place long enough to find out what was worth eating.

This lasted about ten minutes. I decided to just let things take whatever course they were going to. Lo and behold, as I was ocming back to the house from another dumpster trip, I saw the bird fly out.

End of story.

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Big fuill moon, fireworksin the distance, toads in my garden

I've been seeing toads in several parts of the park lately. Imagine my joy at seeing two of them hoping across my front walk.You are welcome, little toads. I love you!

I've been hearing fireworks all evening, so I finally went out my front door to see if any were visible. Turns out that if you look in the right place, you can see the highest ones.

And above it all, there's a big, gorgeous, almost orange full moon. I've never seen it this big and beautiful before.

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