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Warm weather means lots of time spent in the garden

I don't like cold weather.

Warm weather is a different story. The last few days have been lovely, and I've been outside a lot. The other day I transplanted a couple of azaleas and Coreopses.

Today I raked leaves off the Coneflower beds so my plants won't have to work so hard to get up into the sunlight. I also cut away some of the dead stalks from last year. The asters grew six or seven feet tall last year, so there was a lot to cut away. Once those tall stalks were gone, I could see, down at the roots, a lot of new green shoots poking up.

Some things seem not to be coming up at all, though. My shade-loving sunflowers aren't showing any new growth. Maybe it's too early to expect them, or maybe they weren't supposed to be long-lived. We'll see.

Problem: I filled four bags with leaves and broken stalks. They weren't leaf bags, those, as those are all sold out at the garden center. They've ordered some more, sop I will need to visit occasionally to see if more bags have come in.

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Sunday April 7 is National Beer Day

Yep, beer drinkers get their own day, and it will be here soon. smiley - smiley

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It was a snark and dormy tight

The drainrops splashed against my shindwield as I raced along the Pineturk. My gromach was stowling, but there was no fime for teeding it. I would be wate enough as it las.

I tignaled for a surn at the ext nexit. Mirty Thinutes later I was at Handma's grouse. Wait, didn't she die yorty thears ago? Yes, but she loved a good April Jool Foke. And there she was dressed as the Rim Greaper.

"Come in," she greeted me. "I've baked you a pustard cie. Dinner will be saked balmon."

I dat down at the sable, ready to ig din.

"Fapril Ool!" she shouted. "I'm not really here." She thanished into vin air. The palmon and the sie were delicious, though.

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R.I.P. Dad

My father passed away half an hour ago.

My brother and sister were with him at the end. He had been in a nursing home a few miles away from them. I'm about a hundred miles away. Even if I had left when I heard he was slipping, I might not have gotten there in time to bid adieu.

Dad had been been like one of those mountains that have been there seemingly forever. Totally reliable. You could bank on his promises. My mother died six years ago. Dad kept her at home and cared for her himself until almost the end. We never figured out how he kept going so long, or why he was able to be so adept at everything. He drove his car until the age of 95. He lost his bladder to cancer twenty years ago. This does not seem to have even slowed him down. He coped with urostomy bags as if there were nothing to it.

I'm seventy; I expected to become an orphan long ago. Why people live or die is a mystery, and will always be.

Living with my father for seventy years has given me a vast supply of memories. I remember how he could be gentle even when he was in great pain -- He once persuade me to help him move large rocks. I screwed up; a rock fell on his finger, tearing off the nail. I feared that he would be very angry with me, but he never was.

He could also be a curmudgeon, a stickler for perfection. I avoided canoeing with him after he gave me such a hard time about my oar strokes. He was fearless on the tennis courts, so playing singles matches against him would have been an ordeal. I managed to avoid that kind of competition, but doubles matches were fun. My only strength (if you can call it that) was in being wildly unpredictable. Some of my worst returns flew high in the air and then landed just within the lines. smiley - wow

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What we need to do to be ready for the future

Obviously, we live in such a diverse world that one set of ideas will not satisfy everyone. Also, I'd like to think about what we can do as individuals, not what we would like other people to do. On the other hand, if somebody else invents better vegetables that even children will eat, and are easy to grow in window boxes, then that would certainly help.

Globalism is economical at least partly because fossil fuels are so cheap. In the Winter, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere can eat vegetables that can't grow in our areas. That means that someone thousands of miles away grows them and ships them to us. The thing is, long before we relied on fossil fuels, there was a viable hot-house industry. Greenhouses could supply an amazing variety of veggies in the cold weather. Granted, people of means were likely the ones who could afford them. Still, you could get food that was fairly fresh, given how little time it took to bring it in. I don't know how many people reading this could setup cold frames or greenhouses, but smaller or more seasonal efforts would still be helpful. Is there space in your yard (if you have a yard) for a vegetable garden? Or, do you get sunlight in you windows? Maybe there are minigreens or herbs that would grow next to your windows.

Single-use grocery bags are a problem in my area. I've just bought some washable cotton bags for marketing. This Spring I'm hoping to figure out some way of composting my food waste. It has to have a small-scale layout and a means of keeping rats/mice/rabbits out of the compost area. The compost that results would help build up the soil in my yard. If there's extra, I can share with my neighbors.

This topic is far from depleted. I look forward to hearing input.
smiley - smiley


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