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The horror, the horror - a dream

This nightmare was one for the ages. It combined banking crises with
unspeakable arson and environmental terrorism.

I dreamed that I had at least one account (and maybe more) with a bank that was struggling to survive. They had to offer higher interest rates to their depositors to attract deposits. I would happen to be a bystander when the bank employees would pass each other in the hallways and talk about their worries. As a depositor, my account would be federally protected, so I didn't mind making a few extra dollars. The bank building was a stately stone building on a downtown street corner.

Enter the bad guys with a high-tech explosive device. I see it begin to foam and grow larger. Finally it ignites not too far from the bank building mentioned earlier. It takes out three whole towns -- Hudson and Sudbury, which is real life are not contiguous, but in a dream what does that matter? The third town might have been Houston, which is thousands on miles away. The aftermath? I hear that the blast leveled trees in the mountains. The air pollution from the burning is like smoking four packs of cigarettes a day It's unnerving to visit the bank, given the nearby ruin.

Banksters and arsonists. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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Waiting for Harvey (the hurricane, not the rabbit)

It was Houston's turn to be assaulted by wind and rain.

Not its ours. t's 11:09 a.m., and the rain has suddenly started pounding here. It was preceded by distant rumbles of thunder, which got louder and closer.

For Hurricane Harvey I wait.
The risk of flash flooding is great,
The thunderstorm's near,
But I don't have much fear.
The forecasters' record's not great.

Actually, I do the forecasters a disservice. The main entertainment was supposed to start at 11:00 on the dot, and this is very close. We were supposed to get a "trace" of rain, but scattered storms were very much part of the scenario.

It was my turn to water the local gardens yesterday and today. This storm will do that work for me, more than I ever could have done. The downside? If the raindrops are too big, some leaves and flowers could get bashed. Then again, most flowers are well past their peak. Many are seedheads. The mums are low to the ground and sturdy, so little damage is likely. The asters have formed buds, but none have opened yet. The stalks are tall and fairly resilient. They've stood up to some heavy showers all season.

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a kaleidoscope of blooms

When I stand at the bottom of the entry ramp into the park I live in, I can look up toward the highway and see many different kinds of flowers growing in the gardens I've helped to nurture:

Reed columbine and white Bleeding hearts at the bottom, fancy marigold-like Coreopsis about ten feet further up, a very taol pink Coneflower near it, a red rose peaking around the holly foliage further up, and brilliant orange lilies at the top.

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If only it could be June all year round!

This is such an amazing time of year! I make up excuses for going out to my garden. Every day more beans and beets are up, the sunflowers keep getting taller, the wild roses and tea roses are forming buds or even starting to bloom.

The wildflowers that I'm growing from seed keep getting bigger.

There's also the local rabbit, though. A day wouldn't be complete if I didn't have to chase it away, watching its white cotton tail disappearing as it ducks under the fence into the next lot. It stripped one of my bushes of its leaves. Then I realized that my neighbor's mulberry bush has a lowhanging branch that is also stripped of leaves. The bunny thought my bush was a mulberry. smiley - laugh Armed with all the useless knowledge I could find on the Internet, I mixed chili powder with garlic powder and sprinkled it on my most vulnerable plants, hoping it would keep the rabbit away. My yard has an interesting smell now. smiley - laugh

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Some stray thoughts while in a waiting room

I picked up a prescription about an hour ago. While I waited for it to be ready for pickup, I thought I would read one of the magazines in the waiting area. Family Circle, Woman's Day, various outdoor magazines and car magazines, even a magazine for pregnant women.

These mags serve rather narrow target audiences. It would be easy to think of reasons for having little interest in the topics covered.

But wait, maybe this is a chance for some satire smiley - evilgrin.

How about a magazine for pregnant skiers in their corvettes, with recipes, skin-care secrets, and tips for building up big deltoid muscles?

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