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Coating the bottom of my swimming pool with peanut butter (a dream)

A tale of international intrigue in which the lawyer for my trailer park is also moonlighting as an adviser for the German government, which has plans to send some kind of airborne devices our way to drop sharp things on us. Maybe this is why I was coating the bottom of my swimming pool with peanut butter. When the lawyer found out I was doing this, he became enraged. BUT I had already managed to get to Germany and negotiate with the woman who ran the airborne division. I managed to halt the invasion, and get back to the park barely in time to be there before the lawyer got back. Yes, he was unhappy about the peanut butter in the pool, but he couldn't prove I did it because I was obviously negotiating in Germany at the time.

Oh, such goings on!

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Migrating butterflies on my asters this morning

There's a Monarch butterfly sipping nectar from the purple asters next to my porch right now. There may have been more butterflies.

Asters and goldenrod are recommend flowers for the Fall southern migration. I have *both.*

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Really weird federal rules

I'm reading a book called "How to become a federal criminal." it's a lighthearted compendium of our federal government's laws and regulations that criminalize things that few of us would even think of trying to do, let alone doing them.

One of the few that might happen is riding drunk on a bicycle in a national park.

Here are some very unlikely things:

--Mailing a box of dead bees to the United States without writing "DEAD BEES" and the country or origin in 2-inch-high letters on the box. You might also get punished for bringing illegal bee semen into the country.

--Mailing a mongoose

--Misusing the Swiss coat of arms.

Strangely enough, one of the few things that people *do* know about is not actually a crime, namely removing a tag from your mattress. That federal law is aimed at those who sell mattresses. Once the mattress is in the hands of the end user (you), there is no longer any need to fear. You can remove tags from your mattresses to your hweart's content., smiley - smiley

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Clouds like cotton candy against a blue sky

As I sit at my computer, I see feathery white clouds against a gentle blue sky. The clouds are like cotton candy, they're that wispy. I regret never having taken up photography, but on the other hand the sky never looks the same way for more than a few minutes. Something just as nice will be there the next time I look. smiley - smiley

Do we need to capture things for posterity, or would it be just as good to live for the moment, knowing that it is special?

smiley - zen

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A special day for whiskey sours, banana splits, and making up

Those of you outside the U.S. are invited to join us in celebrating if you wish. smiley - smiley

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