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National Honey Bee Awareness Day

For what it's worth, The Xerces Society has lists of pollinator-friendly plants for many countries, including the US. and the U.K.

What I like about bees is their peaceful relations with other bees.
If two or three bees want to visit the same flower, they seem to take turns. I see them hovering in the air, waiting for their turn, or zig zagging across my yard, visiting a hosta blossom, then across the lawn to squash blossoms.

I look out the window every morning and see blossoms wiggling here and there. There's no wind, so the bees must be busy.

(Tiptoe away to let them do their thing. smiley - smiley)

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Having fun with long words

it's popularly believed that long words are dear to the hearts of nerds, however you wish to define them. I was going to sample long words in a number of languages including English, but I find that there's a website that does the heavy lifting for me:

Nevertheless, I'm going to single out the German word Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän for two reasons: refers to a captain on the Danube comany steamship line, which makes me hear "Blue Danube" in my mind's ear
2. It has 42 letters, so it must be the answer to *something.*

There are, of course, some made-up words like "Supercalifragilistuicexpialidocious," a word that *proved* that Mary Poppins was a nerd. smiley - winkeye It's artificial, but lists it as a nonsense word that children can use to express approval.

I would rather not try to learn too many long English words, because I tend to get tendonitis when I use too many keystrokes. Long words have a *lot* of keystrokes, and they rarely seem to fit well in anyof the sentences I write.

Of the long words that I might feasibly use in a sentence, the one I can imagine most readily is phenomenonologically. It only has 20 letters (!!), but I'm kind of interested in phenomenology. It's a concept that developed around the time when existentialism was popular, and it has developed further into cognitive therapy, a favorite tool of modern psychiatrists and clinicians. Douglas Adams pays fond, satiric tribute to it in a scene where the emperor of the galaxy is visited by some grand poobahs on his little, isolated world. All he can be certain of is his cat. See, cats really are very important in the galaxy. Now, if they could be made less smug about it ,cross>.

Does anyone else have favorite long words that they are apt to use ona daily basis?

smiley - bigeyes

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The bees are going crazy over my sunflowers

I don't grow the big, annual sun-loving sunflowers. Instead, I have Helianthus Strumosus

This is a perennial plan that does very well in shady places such as woodlands. It has rhizomes that spread out aggressively.

Right now, the blossoms are starting to open. They'll keep opening for a few weeks. The bees love them. I love not having to lift a finger to make them grow. I planted them in 2016, and their clump has grown larger every year. They're genetically so similar o Jerusalem Artichoke that the two species can and do pollinate each other.

I hate the taste of Jerusalem Artichoke, but I may be thankful for my sunflowers someday, as their rhizomes are quite nutritious. smiley - ok

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Two-sentence horror stories

My goal of writing horror stories was always thwarted by the lack of material to work with in my drab, safe life. Today, though, I hear piercing sounds as if from the grave, while blood seeps from the nail holes in my walls, and something big is trying to get into my house.

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I'm a bit nerdy

I took this online test:

It was recommended by The Post, and I thank them for that.

People who self-identify themselves as nerds have some common traits, which the people who designed the test organized, and developed into a test. It was a little scary to see some questions that were almost exactly the way I thought (I would rather read than talk, and one of the questions came close to expressing this thought smiley - yikes).

I 50 is an average score, and 70 is the highest possible degree of nerdiness (sp?), then my score (61) is somewhat nerdy though not extreme.

Therev was a list of words, and quiz-takers were asked to indicate the ones that they were sure they could define. I remember that there were only three words I wasn't sure of. Wouldn't you know I wish I had thought to jot them down and then look them up and elarn them smiley - erm.

My only concern had to do with the fact that when I was in high school, According to Wikipedia, the term "nerd" was "Originally derogatory..., but as with other pejoratives, it has been reclaimed and redefined by some as a term of pride and group identity."

Maybe that's all right, then. What would have been a downer of a term in the 1960s might have positive connotations now. smiley - smiley In any event, I still don't want to be put into too narrow a category, just in case. In school, you were either a nerd or a jock. I have cultivated enough athletic pursuits to pose as a jock, as long as I'm not compared to someone who is very athletic. smiley - laugh.

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