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Butterflies and rabid woodchucks

First the good news: An actual butterfly visited my yard today smiley - wow. As is true of almost all butterflies, this one moved pretty fast, so I couldn't get close enough to figure out what kind it was. Maybe it was scoping out the premises. If it's a Monarch, it probably smelled the 12 milkweed plants in my yard. All of my milkweed is in its first or second year, which makes it too small to be of any use to a nectar-hungry butterfly. A mother butterfly with lots of eggs to lay might figure that the leaves wouldn't be enough to feed her young. Ah, well. Tomorrow's another day.

You can tell, form the subject line, that there is also some very bad news, though it could have been much worse. There's a mother woodchuck in the Park. She has six babies. She also has (or had, as she has been euthanized, along with three of her babies). The remaining three little woodchucks are being sought by means of traps.

As far as I know, no humans were bitten by these animals. I asked the Animal Control people if the woodchucks might have bitten any of the local rabbits. She doubted it very much. Rabbits are much faster than woodchucks, and they are skittish about being approached by non-rabbits.

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The rabbit apocalypse is upon us

If it's Friday, then I will use Liquid Fence as a rabbit repellent. It smells like rotten eggs, so I may not use it in places where people are likely to wonder what that terrible smell is smiley - yuk. I'd rather use "I'd rather garden," which smells like peppermint, but I'm running low on that. The next round of repellents will consist of equal parts of garlic powder and chili powder (with a hint of dishwashing detergent) mixed in water and aged for a few hours.

I have to laugh when I see some of the lists of plants that rabbits prefer not to eat. Some lists include Echinacea (which my rabbits feast on), Rudbeckia (likewise), yarrow (ditto), and squash (one year they devastated my squash leaves).

Meanwhile, foods that rabbits are supposed to love seem to go totally unscathed: hostas, petunias, grass.

Rabbits seem to have individual food preferences that bear no resemblance to thosen of other rabbits. Individualists! smiley - cross

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According t Waterford, today is world gin day

I'm not sure I've had gin, but today would be the most appropriate day to drink it.

World gin day.

World tonic day is next week. smiley - winkeye

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My vegetable garden 2019

Today I dug three parallel trenches in my front yard, and planted beets in them. It took a while to remove stones from the soil, and to mix compost and fertilizer into them. The last step was to put a fence around the patch.

On Sunday I will plant green beans to the left of the beet patch.

Early next month I will set up a very large long planter along the ground parallel to my porch. In this I will plant zucchini. My brother gave me the planter for Christmas. I think it holds 16 gallons of soil. I will need a lot soil to get it filled up.

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Jack in the pulpit

jack-in-the-Pulpits grew in abundance where I grew up. They even managed to survive in places where they shouldn't have. Too dry, too much sun? Even so, there was one stubborn one that persisted, until the drought of 2015 did it in.

I planted four of them (jacks-in-the-Pulpit?) along the edge of my house, under the eaves where they would get dripping rain water. Half of them didn't even come up, but the healthiest one has sprouted three extra shoots.

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