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You Only Knew Half the Story...

This has to be one of the funniest things I've read in a long time:

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Latest reply: Jul 30, 2002

Spring Cleaning

I'm in the middle of one of my semi-annual orgies of disposal. This time I plan to make some money off my habit of getting rid of things--there's few things more satisfying to me than shedding unwanted articles, I'm the polar opposite of a pack rat--and am hoping to have a rummage sale with some friends. So far I'm selling:

3 coats (fleece pullover, barn coat, and windbreaker)
2 pairs of mittens (both too large for me)
1 baseball cap
1 papasan cushion
1 electric blanket
assorted knickknacks
2 sweaters
1 evening dress jacket and matching pants
a few blouses
books that the local used bookstores won't accept
1 naughty cat

Any early offers will be entertained.

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Love is in the air...

...and yours truly has a Valentine!

smiley - loveblush

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Early Morning Follies

Today started off on the right foot for me. I just stepped out of the shower, still damp, and proceeded to go into the kitchen. On my way I passed by the kitty litter box. Now, every once in awhile the little darlings will "overshoot the mark" so to speak, and leave a small deposit outside the box on the floor. Of course, being still sleepy, I did not look where I was stepping in the hallway. You guessed it...

...I slid halfway across the floor on a cat s***. I had to get back into the shower to clean off my feces-covered foot and then try to clean up the poop I had mashed into the flooring. There was still a big stain by the time I left for work 15 minutes later. smiley - grr

Naturally, I had yelled the only thing that was truly appropriate: "Oh s***!"

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On why I'm not getting involved anymore.

Something happened this afternoon that has really upset me. I have largely ignored the whirlpool surrounding the LeKZ mess and it's attendant side issues. However, when I saw other researchers, ones I considered friends both on- and off-line hurting each other and becoming wrapped up in such useless and sad arguments I had to say something. Not to defend anyone or support anyone or hurt anyone else, but only to call for a time-out. My beliefs overrode my common sense, however. Today when I opened my e-mail I had a letter from Colonel Sellers, someone who I thought was a friend and who I thought understood the point I was trying to get across (a hearty "Grow Up!" to everyone involved). Instead it was nothing but the rankest vitriol against me personally. I'm still reeling and frankly can hardly sit still at my desk, the urge to run in the office bathroom and cry is so strong.

To anyone--and I know you're still lurking online, Colonel, despite what your personal space says--who's reading this, all I meant to get across was that arguing online about meaningless issues is a waste of your precious time on Earth. We only have one chance to experience life, and to ruin it by harming each other over such stupidity is unbelieveably shortsighted, sick, and wrong. People who have nothing to do with the original event are getting their feelings hurt, and I guess it is now my turn.

Shame on you for sending me that e-mail Colonel and shame on everyone else for letting this get out of control.

I have to go cry my eyes out now.


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