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Others on the Guide are doing it. Why shouldn't I? After all, humans do have the herd mentality. I'm not immune. My life in the past few months has had its moments. Seen some good movies: Quills, O Brother, Where Art Thou--speaking of which, the Coen brothers have been delivered the shaft yet again at the Academy Awards. They are the most original filmmakers in the business today. As usual Hollywood continues to ignore them. Maybe that's a good thing.
Made some good friends, had some good times out on the town, and saw some excellent live music when the Mothership landed in Missoula. Yes, George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars came to town, and the contact high made me one happy little Fraulein. That's right. Officially I began the sober life July 29, 2000, but temptation came knocking and I flung the door wide open on more than one occasion in the last few months. I could blame stress, lack of willpower, or peer pressure, but the fact is I don't want to give up an altered state of consciousness just yet.

One image of the last month lingers in my mind. My father's health has gone steadily downhill since a stroke left him paralyzed several years ago. The combined effects of diabetes and arterialsclerosis led to his legs being amputated at Christmastime. I went to visit him and noticed something in the corner of his room at the nursing home. Shoes. A dozen pairs, lying in the corner. His hiking boots, tennis shoes, wingtips, and loafers. The nurses hadn't thought to throw them out. And neither could I.

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One Cool Job

Once again, another interesting day at work has reinforced the fact I have one of the coolest jobs in the whole wide world. Other than being Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, that is. Or an Iron Chef. I spoke with the production team for the X-Files today. They're filming an episode that takes place in Montana, and they needed some facts about the state. After all, conspiracy theories must have some basis in fact!

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Being Mrs. Russell Crowe

I finally got a chance to see "Gladiator" this weekend. It reinforced the fondness I've had for Mr. Crowe since "L.A. Confidential".

smiley - loveblush

Damn you, Meg Ryan.

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Office Christmas Party Disasters and Me

Tomorrow evening is our office Christmas party. Since I am one of the two members that comprise the Office Party Committee, I had a hand in planning the occasion. Perhaps this will give me an edge in avoiding any debacles such as:

1) The 1998 Party. I ended up at a table in front of the speaker's podium. My chair was just below the microphone, facing the entire crowd. Unaware of the implications, I proceeded to get royally intoxicated. I went down in office lore as the person who stole the wine carafes off other tables. By the time the boss came up to the podium to spread Christmas cheer, I was seeing quadruple. Due to my position in the room, everyone got to watch me lean and list first to the left, then to the right, and eventually under the table. Very classy.

But that was to be topped by:

2) The 1999 Party. I had been under the weather during the previous week and was just recovering from a bout of influenza. Wearing my new little black velvet cocktail dress, I tottered into the venue. While I was getting ready I had noticed that my eyes were itchy and my breathing was becoming labored, but I chalked it up to remnants of the flu. Not so. During dinner my throat closed off and my eyes started leaking pus. I was dragged off to the ladies and surrounded by my co-workers. One individual suggested they perform a tracheotomy on me and declared: "I have a kit in my purse!" Needless to say I was carried home by a supervisor and taken to the hospital. I had managed to contract bronchitis AND conjunctivitis. In BOTH eyes. I missed two weeks of work. Nice.

Perhaps this Christmas there will not be similar lumps of coal, Santa?

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