Matthew "Mornessar" Murray, and some stuff about Iowa

Iowa is boring. Really boring. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-numbingly boring it is. I mean, you may think having to wait in line1 at the Department of Motor Vehicles is dull, but that's just peanuts to Iowa. Listen...

And so on...

Paraphrasings aside, Iowa, a state in the middle of the USA, is really flat with nothing particularly interesting therein. It has been joked that a person in Minnesota2 could look south and see Missouri3 clearly on a good day. Okay, so that's only been joked by me, but it's still funny and not inaccurate.

As far as I go, having come from here and maintained the better part of my sanity is something of which I'm rather proud.

About Me:

I suppose I should introduce myself, in case anybody's actually interested in knowing more about me. I'm 23 years old, currently unemployed4, and I come from the city of Ottumwa, Iowa5. I was an English major in college, so I do know how to write once in a while.

Hobbies and Interests:

I like to do stuff. I'll try to keep this current if I can remember with the nasty case of Adult ADD I have.

  • Cook
  • Video Games
  • Read
  • Rant About Stuff
  • Generally know more about stuff than others

Anyway, I'm glad to be here, and look forward to writing many useless entries in the future.

smiley - cheers

Aside from the black towel in my car, I keep a cream-colored one in my bedroom. smiley - towel Thanks for dropping by, and I'd like to offer you some smiley - choc, smiley - cake, smiley - tea and smiley - coffee.

Hey,look! It's a cool lightsaber!

Keeper of Random Bits of Wisdom, Some of Which are Decidedly Funnier Than Others smiley - zen

As I am now the Official Keeper whose title is listed in the header of this bit, I think I should keep a list, so click here to see it develop.

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1Queue to our British friendssmiley - tongueout2The state directly north of Iowa3The state directly south of Iowa4Hopefully that'll be changing soon enough5The home of the actor Tom Arnold6.6I apologize on behalf of the city for that one.7I know I haven't quite yet!


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