Hello Fans. I am myself, and that, is that, apart from the fact that I am constantly thinking that I actually am Douglas Adams ( thinking is not the proper term here, but since I know no one will believe me when I utter the words 'I am Douglas Adams' put together in that order, I prefer saying things like 'I think...' because it puts the emphasis on the audience's expectancy, rather than my expectations from the audience, which is fine because after all, a good writer, first and foremost, enjoys providing the audience with new, creative stuff to read while they're in the loo. )
Having said that, I do want to point out a very important fact. In fact, the most important fact is this: Douglas Adams was a creative writer not because he loved the palaver of being loved and worshiped by the audience, but he loved being a creative writer because he had a lot of stuff to say and, having generally been met with frowns, glazed looks, frozen faces, and sometimes, some rotten vegetables too, he decided that when under the effect of intoxicating substances, and when he couldn't resist the urge of expressing his feelings about the universe in general, and everyone in it in particular, he would do so using a pen and a piece of paper. Luckily, the ideas stopped. I say luckily because that has brought some emphasis on the importance of most of the ideas Douglas had to say, because while the ideas stopped, and he disappeared, most people looked around for something interesting to do and hit solid gold when looking through the rubble of information in the shelves of libraries. A very heavy, black book wearing the galaxy, 'This has to be it, this has to provide answer to all our questions about, well, life, the universe, and everything.'
In the meantime, people who enjoyed reading such material, an infinite number of times, got clued into the actual, very important, fact: Douglas Adams knew something important. The main issue with this key piece of information is that in the past, people have continuously refused to accept it. They would go on saying things such as 'shut up you nitwit', or 'he's completely drunk, the man is rambling'. Although Douglas, 'I think', appreciates being referred to as a man at that point in the past, he sincerely despises the fact that much of the problems on the face of this planet could have been avoided, had people simply listened to him, reflected on what he had to say a little bit, chewed some bubble gum, and decided that maybe, after all, he could be right, and that it doesn't hurt to try, after all. The reason for that is simply one of sympathy: Douglas has to sit, inept, and watch a whole lot of nerve wrecking amounts of pain and suffering being inflicted on people, by people, for the simple and pure reason that they actually do not believe that being good to others is any good at all.
Therefore, 'I think', after having pursued the path of 'Carpe Diem' for quite some time, people are willing to accept other alternatives. Mainly, 'I think', people are willing to accept 'any' alternatives, if only they can find some.
Please go on omitting my identity as at this point it does not really matter who I am, how I got here, or anything similar. In fact, having been 'God', or the creator, before being Douglas Adams, is only a minuscule, forgotten about piece of information, and could also be a figment of my imagination. Please, Bin Laden, do not blow me up, again.
However, and I say However because we all love thinking that anything is possible, if that is actually possible, and if that is actually the case, then I could be actually revealing to mankind the key, essential, unique way of living, which will save them a whole lot of mess, palaver, pain, misery, suffering, dejection, and mostly unpleasant experiences, many of which they had to go through in the last few million years because 'THEY WOULDN'T LISTEN!'.
Finally, this is simply an introduction. It sheds light on possibilities. While other information is being compiled, I suppose I would like insurance that my home will not be blown up by 'Vogons' again, who actually, by now, are well known to everyone, apart from the fact that they know themselves very well. I reveal this information to assist humans through the hardships that their existence has become, and would gladly omit this choice when it comes to my personal safety, which is, if I may add, my primary concern at the moment.
Also, patience is a virtue because it is closely linked to faith. And faith is a virtue because it is closely linked to fate. That having been said, should be enough to reveal to most people who are willing to listen what I am actually doing here, so be patient. Great things, could be afoot.
If not, then please, stop blowing me up, insulting me, calling me paranoid, ridiculing me, turning me into a penguin, car, telephone pole, or any such objects which I am least prepared to be in the likes of.
Also, please do note that my grammar is no longer what it was. Imagine simply being stuck in prehistoric earth for two million years. Your grammar would lose its self confidence, to say the least. Well, I haven't been stuck in prehistoric earth ( or is it on prehistoric earth? correct me if I'm wrong... ), and I've been stuck here, which is pretty much the future, for a wee bit more than 2 million years. Also, it is hard to keep your grammar in shape when you are a computer, being used in China...
I hope this is self explanatory. In the meantime, let us all be positive: we know nothing of the future. At least, we hope we know nothing of the future because what little we think we know is too gruelsome to even contemplate on, let alone accept as a possibility.


Cruentos Solum

Cheers ;)

( That's Right, It's Me )


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