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from anglo-french justise, from Latin justitia, from justus*


Justice denotes the attribute of being just. It is universally referred to as an account of being conform to a specific absolute set of rules that promote rightness, equity, fairness, righteousness, and positive continuity for all existence.

In essence, justice maintains an absolute minimum guideline to which all entities that exist must abide in order to obtain security from certain elements that are often undesirable.

Justice may maintain punishment for acts that are unacceptable within certain norms that are pre-establish. In order to observe justice one must absolutely observe the truth, based upon which all forms of justice are established.

Justice is mostly carried out by third parties who are not to be involved in the respective matters that require it. Furthermore, any such third parties must observe specific rules in order to attain justice in its best form.


do justice to

To treat adequately, fairly, or with full appreciation: The subject is so complex that I cannot do justice to it in a brief survey. ( as per the definition provided by http://www.answers.com )


Justice has been known to exist before consciousness. It is well known that nature is the first law enforcement agency and most impartial of all. It is therefore best to think of justice as a natural phenomenon that is independent of how we react to it, since reacting to it in any manner that does not involve acceptance of some sort generally involves a significant amount of pain.

-justice on planet 'Earth' ( Galactic Sector ZZ Plural Z, Milky Way, Primitivus Universus 42 - just in case you are wondering where in reality this planet is, or more probably, isn't anymore - read on and you will understand why ):

Justice is one of the most controversial subjects on the little blue green planet called earth. On one side, this little insignificant planet is saturated with feuds. On the other hand, some of its inhabitants are so unfamiliar with the term that they still amusingly consider it as a tool that can actually help them attain some of their desires. Quite ironic, but luckily, not all entities on the planet share the same view on the subject. One must observe how some parts of the planet handle the subject with more diligence than others, and how these parts often tend to have a more 'peaceful' life.

Reassuringly, nature is diligently balancing the chaos on the planet, if uselessly. This is sad seeing that it is mostly carried out by means of earthquakes, disease, nightmares, insanity, and so on.

-more on justice and planet earth

Justice can be used on planet earth conjecturally to mean injustice by means of law. It can also be used politically as a lie to deceive somebody in order to obtain their support in the upholding of unjust acts. Legally, it is sometimes summoned as an excuse to accomplish irrational acts of harm. Poetically, justice being used to gather the support of leaders for purposes of stealing the wealths of another nation is not unheard of.

In more advanced civilizations of the planet, justice is righteously used to maintain a harmonious peaceful existence for all society. Such civilizations tend to get a big break from natural disasters, problems, and in general, justices that the remainder of the planet are more often than not calling unjust.

On less fortunate parts of the planet, justice is sometimes used as a justification to someone's position in society, although this is more and more often considered as a lame attempt to bluff. Consequently, other forms of injustice are carried out at random in the form of riots and, once in a blue moon, justice prevails. This is mainly because the injustice that is taking place is, in its way, some sort of justice as inspired by the natural balance.

Considering that planet earth is one of the very few places in the universe where justice is urgently, immediately, direly needed, it is often puzzling and ridiculous how some of the inhabitants of the planet tend to toy with the concept in a mostly, stupidly, invalidating manner.


Sometimes you may find yourself stuck on some parts of planet earth in an unpleasant situation that involves injustice. If that is the case, your best bet is to resort to any authority that does not promise, promote, or uphold justice in any way, as this will only tend to decrease your chances of escaping the doomed fate. You may use your imagination, but resorting to street gangs, the general public, your neighbors, your frying pan, your dog, or the mafia will, in most cases, increase your chances of 'survival'. It is also vital to radically 'forget' this as soon as you set foot in any civilized society.

Please do bear in mind that resorting to any other third party in order to uphold 'justice' will menacingly put you under certain repayment obligations, in the form of funds ( or money, especially if the third party in question is a mafia member, a gangster, … ), a returned favor ( for neighbors, family members, friends, or the general public ), or simply a snack whenever possible ( mostly likely in the case of resorting to dogs ).

-howto: attain justice – judge

If you are referred to as a judge on planet earth, your best option is to run, very far away, and hide. Should that option not be provided, it is generally wiser to observe the following rules:

1. Act like you don't understand the language. If you actually don't understand the language then you wouldn't actually have to lie.
2. Act like you are aurally impaired ( deaf / mute ).
3. Gently, touch your belt and smoothly rub your hand towards your back. The idea is to make everyone present think that you are looking for your gun.
4. If the above idea sparks enthusiasm from the crowd, simply excuse yourself by saying that you have actually forgot your gun. Run.
5. Direct the parties in question to a Police Station. Should they refuse to, tell them you are personally acquainted with the Godfather and that you have his phone number back in your hotel room. Run.
6. If the parties involved insist on following you to your hotel, ask the receptionist to call any Customer Support service and let the people tell by and large about the problem they have. This should buy you plenty of time to pack up your bags and leave the premises.
7. If you are held at gunpoint and required to provide a verdict, your best bet is to sentence yourself to death. You will die eventually and your best chances are to reduce suffering to a minimum.
8. If the parties involved refuse the verdict and ask for an appeal, you can redirect them to a more qualified authority. Any passing stray dog will do. Please offer the dog some bones if you do meet him again.
9. If all fails, pray for justice. If no one answers your call, you have been a naughty, naughty, naughty boy.

It is vitally important to be familiar with 'law' in order to take part in the application of justice.In cases where punishment is inevitable, you will require the knowledge. Planet earth is not short of books on law and, in general, while some people tend to refer to the books in question to find loopholes in the system, it is almost impossible not to serve justice when one honestly and thoroughly tackles the matter with diligence and caution.

Furthermore, please do bear in mind that establishments that uphold justice are readily accessible to anyone on planet earth. Such establishments often go through a great deal of selecting the people who enforce law and justice. These people are absolutely better equipped to deal with any matter that requires justice, and often spend years in other establishments called schools and colleges just to have that ability. Therefore, you should strictly direct anyone who looks up to you for justice to these establishments.
On planet earth, such establishments are invariably called 'Courts of Law' ( 'Tribunal', 'Mahkama', or other words may be used in less popular languages ). The word 'Police' ( 'Polis', 'Pauleece', 'Bouleece', … ) will ring a bell to the great majority of people from the planet. This will direct the person requiring justice to an agency that is better equipped to deal with such claims. The agencies in question can filter righteous claims from fraudulent ones, provide legal advice, and, on more serious matters, take immediate action. This includes seeking and temporarily restricting the respective privileges of any party to maintain order. These agencies are also equipped to direct matters when necessary to specialized 'Courts of Law', where a more qualified person, called a 'judge', can take more delicate decisions on everyone's behalf.

Law, law courts, and justice:

On some ( ? ) parts of planet earth, statistically, 'Courts of Law' are a source of a great deal of injustices. This is best portrayed as using quite clichéd excuses and nasty workarounds in order to help provide a specific party, mostly called the appellant, with a desired objective which may be financial, physical, emotional, or otherwise. This involves inflicting injustice on a second party, frequently referred to as the defendant, using any means necessary, really. It is usually the party which has access to the greatest number of means ( which include but are not limited to funds, political connections, criminal connections, weapons, general public influence, or otherwise ) that prevails. Therefore, being an appellant will not necessarily guarantee victory. Likewise, the 'right to have an attorney' complicates matters even further. These so called attorneys are known to be parasite-like beings that thrive on other people's misfortunes. They may also be called lawyers, or, as widely known, liars.
Note: not all lawyers are liars. Some court appointed lawyers tend to tell the truth, raw, as it is, especially if it will not help the defendant ( also called 'client' ) in any way. This tends to make the trials very fast, and save the government plenty of hard earned tax money.
The relationship between client and attorney ( defendant and lawyer ) is the most complicated in all of the known universe. A lawyer cannot possibly reveal information that would incriminate his client. This is often the case with expensive attorneys, and is definitely not helping anyone whose primary aim is justice. On the other hand, some court appointed attorneys have been known to not reveal any information at all and this tends to have no bearing to justice either. Therefore, one can only observe that justice, in some places, has turned out to be a 'rotten business'.

It is vitally important to note that such a situation is under no circumstance the fault of justice or the judicial system. It is more relevant to blame the parties that uphold justice, or should.

As luck would have it, the words 'victory', 'win', and 'trial' are linked with justice in a planet that regards the matter as a competition. Furthermore, it is very rare for parties against whom any judgment is carried out to accept the latter. Basically, you have to take precautions when expecting justice to show up in a court. Most 'Courts of Law' prohibit unqualified personnel and visitors to enter any form of weapons into the premises. However, you should probably be told that crimes committed inside these establishments are not rare.

Keep in mind that some primitive life forms have attempted to abide to 'survival of the fittest' as a guideline for morality. However, it is vitally important to note the position of such life forms in today's order of establishment. The precedent dominant life forms who established the rule are often found in natural reserves awaiting their turn in extinction, in small cages where people can come and take a peek at their miserable lives, more and more often, as emblems very frequently found on the front grilles of vehicles of the brand 'Peugeot', or, even more often, not at all.

In some parts of planet earth, life is sometimes confusing and tends to push you towards believing that justice is just an illusion. It is best to avoid such devious thoughts. Should you feel really drowsy in that aspect, look for the closest television set and seek any channel airing an American Police Series. Any will do: NCIS, CSI, Prison Break, Shark... This will instantly restore some of your faith in goodness and justice. Should that fail to do the job, look for a holy scripture ( plenty are readily available: Bible, Torat, Quoran ). Also, please do bear in mind that such scriptures are there mainly to restore in divine justice. This has to be said seeing as how some people use some scriptures as an excuse to inflict severe injustice. Should you prefer, you can also call a friend and tell each other jokes. This will have no bearing on anything really, which is the idea. It will simply keep you out of harm's way, while justice is being carried out by someone else on someone else.

-justice ( everywhere else ):

Irrevocably, it is important to observe the following: justice has been established as a universal absolute necessity for the continuity of life as we would like to know it. It has been deemed more vital than oxygen and in fact more life forms prefer to be deprived of the latter rather than of justice. It is also critical to observe the general outcome when justice is neglected, and some parts of planet earth can best be used as an example of just that. Some people speculate that this is the only reason such parts are allowed to continue existing in the first place. Others are nicely suggesting that these parts are simply simulations that are there to remind anyone not careful enough to observe justice that things could turn very, very, ugly for them.

* Some parties speculate on the origins of the word 'justice'. Considering that most parties which inflict harm or, generally, injustice, are referred to as having a 'cold heart', and since that is very frequently linked to death on planet earth, it has been said that justice is actually two words and not one. The two words in question are 'Just Ice', metaphorically alluding to the heart condition that is not uncommon on the planet. Seeing that planet earth is the only place in reality where injustice still persists to exist, the word has found its way to most universal languages and serves as a reminder to anyone who wishes to remember, or anyone who is careless enough to require a recap.

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