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Mr. X ---> I spent a year dead for tax purposes. It worked so well that I'm going to do it again.

(No, no, I got this.) smiley - tongueincheek

In a strange -- and statistically unlikely -- twist of fate, the entire world's water supply is somehow tainted with LSD. Just the right amount of LSD to give everyone and their grandmother a suitably pleasant buzz, but not enough for anyone to have a medical emergency. smiley - rainbow

The accompanying hangover after Christmas Day is horrific and all-encompassing. But not that big a deal.

smiley - cogs

Context: Lately I've been using an absurd number of online tarot games. They've said -- fairly consistently (in their cryptic way) -- that sometime this month I'll receive a message from an old friend of mine who I unfortunately had a falling-out with. However, such a message has not, thus far, arrived.

And while I find the idea of reconciliation with this individual... compelling.... It suffices to say that if indeed such a reunion is even desired by them, then -- without getting into the personal details of the seperation -- they would almost certainly have to be the one to initiate any further contact.


I wish that I could, first: Believe the apparent message of such silly, yet annoyingly consistent, forms of divination.

And second: That this "old friend" of mine will actually drop by to say hello, as it were.

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Post 4022

Caiman raptor elk - Yes, but what if the box is REALLY big?

In order to get over the first wish, you call the manufacturer of the tarot cards to question their calibration methods. As it happens, your "old friend" is the CEO of this company. You get offered a job in the calibration department. Unfortunately you do not read the small script in your contract. You are now chained to a desk for observation, as a calibration gauge.
Your "old friend" does fate experiments on you.

I wish I could get more sleep.


Post 4023

Mr. X ---> I spent a year dead for tax purposes. It worked so well that I'm going to do it again.

You sink into a deep depression. Sleep is now ALL you can do.

I wish China wasn't obsessed with trying to control its own population, much less the rest of the world's.

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Post 4024

paulh. Insanity is contagious - "Catch-22"

China stopped being obsessed with controlling its population. About half a billion of them decide they' rather be in some other country, and China isn't going to try to keep them from leaving. Three guesses where a lot of them will want to go. smiley - evilgrin

I wish we didn't have another month of Winter, with the danger of big snowstorms.


Post 4025

Caiman raptor elk - Yes, but what if the box is REALLY big?

Climate change means that from now on, there will be only two seasons left. Flood an Drought. Pick your favourite...

I wish there was a cheap way to be environmentally friendly that doesn't cost me my job.

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