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Ever played it with quotes? Eg:

"You shall not badger!" (Gandalf, FOTR)


"Bilbo found it... in Gollum's badger!" (LOTR again!)

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"But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the badger."

Is this time to start a new thread before we get shouted at for interrupting such a serious topic?

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Am surprised no one has mentioned the famous Marx Bros films:

Badger Business
Badger Feathers
A Badger at the Opera
Badger Soup
A Badger at the Races
Badger Service
Go Badger
A Badger in Casablanca
Love Badger

Would also like to offer:

Gone with the Badger - as opposed to post 51

and finally (some hope!)

Cry Badger

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(Pedantically sticking to black and white)

The Badger of Adrian Messenger

The Titfield Badger

(dare I mention the rather saucy)

Two Way Badger

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Kiss of the badger
The Evil Badger - (or The Badger Cult) they both work smiley - smiley
The badgers of shaolin
Twin Badgers
The badger of legend
The legend of Red Badger
SwordBager I,II
Last Badger in China
Invincible Badger

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Still Incognitas, Still Chairthingy, Still lurking, Still invisible, unnoticeable, missable, unseen, just haunting h2g2

OK Sorry to be pendantic but could the badger lovers please make it apparent when a convo is about badgers?Like giving us a clue in the subject title?That way us badger haters can't cause offence...

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Thank you.smiley - smiley

Badger me!!!!!!!11

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A badger, a badger, my kingdom for a badger.

Take it in any direction you like people!!!!!!!!!

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there is now a conversation just for lines from movies just FYI.

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Ferrettbadger. The Renegade Master

Tough on Badgers, tough on the causes of Badgers.

Just to go off on another tangent smiley - winkeye

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http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/brunel/F19585?thread=627819 Citizen Badger Even Badgers Get The Blues Scary Badger Saturday Night Badger Deep Blue Badger

Badger me!!!!!!!11

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Badgers in the Rue Morgue (the 1932 B&W one with Bela Lugosi)

Badger me!!!!!!!11

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Badger v Badger
American Badger
The Badger Cnadidate
The Badger witch project
The blair Badger project
Miss Badger
Meet the badgers
Hide and Badger
Dude where's my Badger

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KFB-Kentucky fried badger finger lickin good
Badger Wars I-The badger menace
Badger Wars II-The Badger wars
badger wars III-The revenge of the badger
Badger Wars IV- badgers a new hope
badger Wars V-The set strikes back
Badger Wars VI- The Return of the badger
Badger trek I-The motion Picture
Badger trek II-The wrath of the Badger
Badger Trek III-The Search for a badger
Badger Trek IV-Lets go to the Badger set
Badger Trek V-The Final Badger set
Badger Trek VI-That uncovered badger set
Badger Trek TNG-They Breed
Badger Trek Deep Set 9 do it again
Badger Trek TOS-The original set

Could Ska have been originally done by badgers ?

Badger Trek Voyager the badgers rumble again
Badger Bandits
Badger story
Badger Come home
Badgers XP set edition
A fist full of badgers
The Good the bad and the badgers
Dirty Badger
Badgers "This time its war "
The badgerville horror
mary,mungo & the badger
Blue Badger

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