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Pull my finger, John!

'We put the CAC in

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The big red fire engine! Again! Hi, Amy!

I can't help it! I like it!
And it do be RED!

The theme of this tissue of sighs:

Disembodied symbolic heart day!

A poem from the back row

"All the world loves a lover",

somebody thought he once heard someone say,

and there are those who think it should be that way.

"All the world knows a lover",

is a bit more of what really exists,

while there are some who wish it would desist.

"All the world loves the thought of love",

is a lovely little sentiment, if a bit hard,

unless you belong to a company that sells cards.

"All in the world I need is my lover",

can be heard around many a beer-spilled table,

while others escape as soon as they be able.

While in many cases, it is not so complex or so simple,

and it can boil down to a single example:

"Will you stay with me for awhile?"

and all the world loves a little comfort.

Bill of lading:

Rose by DoctorMO
Imbolc Poem : Brigidh

by Matholwch the Trout
Shuttle launchLove is a Verb
by abbi normal
Demon Drawer by RedbeardGrab bag for Disembodied Symbolic Heart Day
by Son of Ol' Wind and Wimsy
A blue heartOde to a Spousal Unit
by (tonsil revenge)
A teacher and a child

A nother damn poem

"You pays your money and you takes your chances",

is a phrase often heard

when milling in the herd.

There's always some wisened and branded old steer

who takes your heartache and chills it with a leer,

regaling all who can't help but be near,

with his calfhood tales of love and fear.

Now, I, in my circling wolf way of listening,

pay attention while the moon is glistening,

and I have learned much that contradicts his hissening.

Love, oh love, oh timeless love,

it messes with the mind of the goddess above,

with kiss and make up, push and shove,

crush and run, hand in glove.

And as I tell old bum steer,

softly in his ear,

before I eat him with a beer,

"It matters not what you missed, dude,

if there's no one to miss you,

and you might be more missed,

if you hadn't been so crude!"

Another Province Heard From:

How Much I Love Melinda:

Picture a massive black hole.
It's pulling in stars, planets, constellations, making whole swaths of the sky go black, threatening to swallow everything.
If that black hole saw the size and breadth of *My Love For You* coming at it,
the black hole would stop and say, "Damn. I guess I'm full."


The boilerplate:

And, finally, a warm thanks and a cold nose to those who have helped, offered help, almost but not quite assisted but haven't gotten in the way, and those with alien tracks on their foreheads and Groucho ashes in their breast pockets. We couldn't do it without you.The Committee for Alien Content(ment) salutes you!

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This box of well-greased CV bearings inspected and packaged by (tonsil revenge)!
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