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After reading the greater part of things that are written under Genesis, including the comments from other readers, I feel it would be only fair to sum up the better things I read here, and some more of my own.

Genesis is the shared name of two seperate bands. The first, the early, the better, the classic, the unforgetable, the creative, I can go on forever, included Peter Gabriel in band line-up. The second one, the latter the altogether nothing of what was written on the earlier, didn't include him.

Under Peter Gabriel's magic wand , the following albums were issued:
Trespass (1969)
Nursery Cryme (1970)
Foxtrot (1971)
Selling England by the Pound (1973)
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)

These albums stand as masterpieces of progressive rock , as music-critics like to call that kind of music which involves typical rock instruments (drums, guitars), typical orchestral instruments (violins, chello, horns), and non-typical instruments whatsoever (mellotron, oboe), all working together to create tracks of 10 minutes long in average.

Everything that happened after Peter Gabriel left the band is non of my concern or interest - I only know that these materials, including hits like Jesus He Knows Me and Invisible Touch are not even worthy of being compared to the albums whose name are written above.

I invite everybody to come and taste these early unique materials of Genesis. The pleasure would be mine.

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Dear Slartibartfast,

Although I agree that there is a distinct difference between the PG-era and the post-PG era, I would advise you to listen to the following post-gabriel tracks :

1. Dodo.
2. Cul-de-sac
3. Many too many
4. Down and out
5. Fading lights
6. One man's fool
7. One for the Vine
8. Blood on the rooftops
9. Eleventh Earl of Mar

Most of these songs are not very well known, and that's a damn shame... Probably because Genesis started to score hitsingles after PG left. It may have caused too tight as focus on the singles and as we all know people who buy singles don't always(usually don't) buy CD's.


P.S. Check out my PG-article @ A442810.

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Odradek (she who lurks, green Lifesaver-like)

Also not to be forgotten: the album following Gabriel's departure, Trick Of The Tail, my own introduction to Genesis and, l think, still bearing considerable PG influence. Though Collins does the singing, the feel remains.

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After reading this thread about Genesis, I decided to search through the CD collection and dig out my albums. I have almost forgotton about the most recent Genesis albumn as I think I only played it a couple of times and couldn't make up my mind weather I liked it or not.

So I guess that the question that I'm posting here is, what do you guy/girls think. I'm listening to it as I'm writting this little dit-ti and still can't decided if I like it.

Is the post-PC better, is it trying to get back to it's routes..?!?

- BeerMatt smiley - fish

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Hey BM, Did you check out : http://www.h2g2.com/F12215?thread=8856 yet ? TM.

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