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Fire Bat

The seventh day of creation is the "Shabat" which occures on saturday, and is the jewish day-of-rest. I don't know why christians rest on sunday.

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I forget why Sunday is used by us Christians so I can't answer that.

Correct me if I'm wrong though but I was always told the word Sabbath meant 7th day or something like that?

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Fire Bat

I'm not sure exactly what it means. "Seven" in Hebrew in "Sheva", so you CAN find a connection to "Shabat", but a closer word to Shabat is "Shavat"- has done a strike, stopped working, or "Lashevet", to sit.

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Maurice Deebank

The Christian sabbath was moved to Sunday to make it more accommodating to followers of the mithraic cult of Sol Invictus - the invincible sun cult popular in Rome at the time (Sun day geddit). Christianity also addopted many of this pagan cults practices notably placing christmas of Dec 25 the date of the rebirth off the sun festival.

Rev Deebank

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Researcher 207899

i always thought the sabbath was moved to sunday because of the ressurection of Christ?

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