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Researcher 130120

I was feeling quite despaired as I read the first entries of the forum.
Genesis were boring, they said...
Well, that MIGHT be true if you have only heard 3 songs of them!
But I felt really relieved when I saw that there are also people who can judge about that music.
I think, there is in fact no general musical style drawer where Genesis can be put in.
Just, bad luck, they ARE put into that one with the note: "I can't dance, I can't sing" - it's not fair.
OK, I think everyone who is born not before, I say, 1975, will just now those tunes of the 80ies and 90ies. The first songs I have ever heard where "I can't dance" and "Mama" being played very often on the radio. And I think that even those songs that are after all not TYPICAL can't bare a special atmosphere that makes one listen, and many songs even don't get boring after you have heard them VERY often.
I mean, this quality can't be assumed for a Mahria Carey-song.
By the way: Mariah Carey has covered "Against all odds", aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggh
the music is dead. I screamed very loud and banged my head against the wall as I had to listen just the first verse - why is the world so unfair?

But after all, I just have to say that at the recent state "Supper's Ready" and all the old stuff is some of the best music I've ever heard. It's like a drug, and I am very embarassed that everybody around me just reacts, in the best case, with a very, very upset, worrying, entangled look or even a dumb smile, when I'm saying things like: "Just keep the mowing blades sharp..."
And that's also very unfair.
But anyway, I think I just got to sleep a bit before I do more things of those you'd better not (like writing an Genesis sympathy articlesmiley - smiley)
So I will really finish now though you might not expect it any more
yes, soon I'll leave the net and forget about this cruel life
after a last cry for my beloved Mariah Carey:


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Mrgrunt (With the Beard of Power!)

Don't fret. I get strange looks from people in college, when I attempt to air drum to 'The Cinema Show'. Most people seem to think i'm having a fit...
I wish to tell the world about how good all of Genesis's music is. Many people seem think that you can't enjoy the music Peter Gabriel brought when he was in the band if you like the 'newer' music (TOTT and afterwards).
This is not true. The first Genesis track I ever heard was 'Jesus he know's me' and I decided to nick my brother's Genesis album 'the shorts'. I then listened to to the album 'Invisible Touch' and now Tonight tonight tonight and Domino are still some of my favourite Genesis tracks.
And now? my best friend has just bought 'Seconds out' and we've been listening to the live version of 'Dance on a Volcano' which they turn into 'Los Endos' It is truly some of the most impressive music i've ever heard, and people should try listening to Genesis. If they think it's boring, then fine, it's their opinion. But try it first... Go on, it won't do you any harm...


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Its almost as if the Gabriel era Genesis has been lost in space. I mention it to some people and they never knew that Gabriel was in Genesis, poor souls.
They have to be my all time favourites, on my birthday I buy a bottle of gin, a 6 pack of beer, lock my door, re-arrange the furniture for optimal listening pleasure, turn up the volume and start with Nursery Cryme, and lead up to The Lamb, "the Lamia" (with some help from the gin) normally has me reduced to tears.
I probably look like a complete goombah, playing air keyboards, air drums, and sing at the top of my voice (I normally have to replace all the glasses in my pad after my birthday)
Glad to know that there are other like minded people out there, in the past 20 years I have only met one soul brother that shares my passion for Genesis.


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Sex Boy

Ah, Genesis, one of the greatest bands ever to exist..... Unfortunately, they have almost always been scolded and frowned upon by the masses for some unknown reason.... people just don't get it. It is definitely more complex and unique than most other stuff out there, and is an acquired taste, but it grows on you like a disease if you do catch the bug, and has a tendency to consume a portion of your life. I myself have every album, started with Invisible Touch and worked my way backwards, only to find that the older albums were even more interesting. My favorite albums include Duke, Lamb, Selling England, and Trespass, not to exclude Foxtrot with the fabulous Supper's Ready. I am definitely one of the biggest fans in the United States. I have found a friend who is also a fanatic. Don't feel alone. We're everywhere, shouting out loudly from under our little hiding places, drowning out the filth of Britney Spears etc. with something like the frickin KNIFE!!!! Alright men, fire over their heads. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

"Just a drink, a little drink, and I'll be feeling goooooood!"


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Thank God, or whoever, that there are more people out there that appreciate the early Genesis. They are in a league by themselves, truly inspirational, and I do not mean that in such a way that they give meaning to my life, they do not. But it is music written purley to be enjoyed, thoroughly, yes Britneys body is good to watch,but turn the volume off, or put Genesis on, with a drink in hand and enjoy thats what music is all about, audio pleasure! at its finest. I defy someone to put on headphones, and not be intrigued by what went into an early Genesis tune, there are little noises here, little noises there, that are not just the drum crashing, or the guitar thrumbing, but add to the whole experience, its truly like classic orchestral pieces that require a whole range of auditory output too excite the listener.


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Don't worry, their music will live on, because it is QUALITY.


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Researcher 218328

The best album to listen to if new to Genesis is undoubtedly "Seconds Out" the live album. It is a live compilation of their best songs to date (then) and is quality stuff. After a few listens it will grow on you and you will realise what music can be. It has a dreamy magical quality and you may well feel disgruntled at being fed the chart rubbish you hear on the radio.

Recorded before an appreciative Paris audience, it has atmosphere!


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Seconds Out is great - one of my 3 (or 4...or 5) favourites. But for an introduction to the real Genesis, newcomers really ought to be sampling the Gabriel era. How can you say you've listened to Genesis until you've heard 'Dancing With the Moonlit Knight'? (Those opening lines send a shiver down my spine!) And 'Firth of Fifth' (with the full introduction - all those twiddly bits!!! - it's just not the same on Seconds Out) and Supper's Ready are so much better on the original albums. PG manages to sound so much sexier than PC - that's got to be worth something! That said - my favourite track is not a Gabriel one. Afterglow just has to be the most poignant song ever written
"For now I've lost everything,
I give to you my soul.
The meaning of all that I believed before
Escapes me in this world of none,
I miss you more."
smiley - cry (Or perhaps it was just me.........)
smiley - rainbow

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