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Posted: 12th February 2024

This week's title is A Bird's Eye View. Clockwise from upper left: A European goldfinch, a European robin, half a dozen pigeons on a tv aerial, a bizarre Spanish castle with a dragon cutout on the front lawn, A bowl full of trifle (a dessert), a snow-covered but sunny landscape, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, a snow-covered street with a row of snow-dustred trees, a siskin, and a greenfinch and European goldfinch.

How's your weather? Pennsylvania has been rejoicing in sunshine. I've even spotted some colt's foot in flower. Spring may, indeed, be early this year, as the Groundhog predicted. We still have snow pics for you – and if you have any, please send them. We appreciate the aesthetics of all manner of landscape.

There are more birds in our pages this week. Let SashaQ enlighten you as to greenfinches and goldfinches and robins. They're all over the bird feeders. We have video! Lots to see here.

Speaking of things to see, FWR has Suzy Q'ed his way through Barcelona. I've done a bit of research in an attempt to make this look like we're being educational, but basically, you really just want to gawk at things. I know you. So gawk, already. Barcelona is a whole architectural museum in itself.

The novellas continue to surprise us. Whether you want to be scared, intrigued, educated, or merely amused, there's something for everyone this week. Let the writers know you care.

Cinema, a quiz, humour. Music, such as it is. More plot complications on the Isle of Wight. A very tasty recipe that doesn't require a degree in haute cuisine to prepare. Read, comment, share.

Have a great week out there, whatever the weather. And remember: it doesn't matter where you are, or whether you've got bigfoots, brownies, or Wolpertinger in your backyard: if you see it, take a picture. Somebody, somewhere, needs to see what you saw. (Particularly if it was a Wolpertinger.)

Dmitri Gheorgheni

Cover for The Building, DG's new book, available from Lulu.
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Quote of the Week:Whatever truth may be, it might lie in the spaces between what we think we know.

Rick Prelinger
A cross-country skier in a snow-covered landscape.

February 2024 Post Challenge:
The Unbearable Whiteness
of Snow

Video Extra:
Hypnotic Effect of Snow
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Greenfinch, Goldfinch,
and Bluetit Cameo

European goldfinch.



Chapter 3
Here, Kitty, Kitty

Lives of the Gheorghenis by DG.


Black and White
Black-and-white image of flats in Barcelona, by FWR.

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