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Casa Batlló

Editor's Note: These photos, sent to us by Freeway 'Suzy Q' Riding, are from the inside of Casa Batlló, another weird building by Antoni Gaudí, the Catalan architect also responsible for Sagrada Familia. Like that church, this building is in Barcelona.

The strangest facts about this house, other than what it looks like:

  • It was renovated by Gaudí in 1906. This upsets our ideas about the past. We expect people in 1906 to have had more sense.
  • The architect was trying to avoid straight lines. We think he succeeded.
  • People who have sufficiently puzzled over this thing believe that the house now represents St George and the dragon. We suspect that if you puzzled over it long enough you would be likely to see even stranger things.
  • It is a very popular venue for events. They probably serve alcohol. You can't truly appreciate this sort of thing sober.

Casa Batllo by FWRCasa Batllo by FWR
Casa Batllo by FWRCasa Batllo by FWR
Casa Batllo by FWRCasa Batllo by FWR
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