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Posted: 18th September 2023

This week's theme is Wider Horizons. On a deep blue background, some parasailers in a blue sky with the moon in the background. A brooding cloudy horizon over a grey sea at Cleethorpes. Bees on bright yellow ragwort flowers. A string of geese flying over the mountains of Scotland. A river rushing over rocks. A field of ripe grain under a blue sky with white, fluffy clouds. A green farm passture in the mountains at sunset, with a tractor, trailer, and gravel road in the foreground. Under it all, isolated images of a laughing camel (statue), a white goose, and a ship with the name Mein Schiff 3.

Lots to see this week! It seems like half of our contributors have been travelling. We have an evocative (sorry, FWR!) image from Turkey that speaks of wonders to come. Galaxy Babe has been touring in the south of exotic Wales and turned up a gem of an old church. She takes you on a tour that includes rare items, marvels in stained glass, and dead people. Paigetheoracle stayed closer to home, but the faraway puts in at the local harbours. Willem has another African bird for us to wonder at.

Meanwhile, in the autumnal northern hemisphere, farmers are harvesting. Hoggetts finished the new barn and gathered their hay. SashaQ found some busy (and photogenic) insects. Galaxy Babe, back home, saw a brooding sky over the sea. Paigetheoracle captured the wild geese in flight, and FWR saw one in a lake of grass. Water, land, sky: lots to look at and admire.

We have the first story in answer to our 'Dogs of War' challenge: FWR's tale will give you a chuckle. You didn't expect that from the challenge prompt, now, did you? We're full of surprises around here. Don't believe me? Check out Bluebottle's comic. It never fails to astonish. Oh, and please take the cow quiz. We've got livestock on the brain this week.

For those who might be thinking of joining in for our next writing project: our writers, being exhausted, have agreed to wait until January to begin the next excursion. It will involve choosing a previously written story and writing a sequel to it. If you have previously written a novella, serial, or short story for the Post and would like to get in on this project, you have the rest of the year to be thinking about it.

Speaking of writing, there's a new book on the market: The Building, now properly labelled as 'Fiction/Metaphysical', is on sale. It would make a good gift for the fantasy reader who has everything, hint, hint. Or the folklorist friend you'd like to annoy.

Have a good week out there! Enjoy the sunshine, the rain, the warmth, the heat (stop cursing, UK!), the coolth, whatever, and remember: change is good, but learn to savour the moments. They're so fleeting.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Editing Lesson of the Week:The convicted killer crab walked between two walls and pushed through newly installed razor wire to break out of prison, authorities say.

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Soldiers and sailors with a variety of large and small dogs.

September 2023 Post Challenge:
The Dogs of War

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Morning Hummingbird
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Yellow-Streaked Greenbul

Yellow-streaked Greenbul by Willem.


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Mountain morning in Turkey by FWR.


Autumn Sky
Autumn sky in Shandwick, by Paigetheoracle.

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